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Zoey and Mike: A Love Story
Mike and Zoey's heartwarming happy tail began in November - and continues to bring us smiles through wonderful and frequent updates.

Mike says he was looking for an adventure buddy to "share my snacks with, a best friend to keep me company."

He was scrolling through links online in his search for a future companion and came to a stop when he saw Zoey. She immediately drew him in.

"She was adorable and I knew with her leg missing, she really needed some extra love at home," Mike said. "I live alone and knew she’d get all the attention, love and snacks she could handle."

He applied to adopt Zoey through SSPA right away on Nov. 19 - and on Nov. 22 he took her home.

"(The adoption process was) very smooth and simple," Mike said. "Super easy and stress free on both myself and the doggos."

Since that day, SSPA staff and followers have been able to stay up-to-date on their flourishing love story, thanks to some amazing photos and updates!
The duo take frequent hikes, go camping and just enjoy being with each other. The now-spoiled girl can often be seen sporting her unbelievably adorable pink unicorn PJs.

Mike has found himself impressed by Zoey's determination and stamina - especially as a "tripod."

"I had no idea she was so hardcore. I’m ecstatic for her," Mike said. "She is having a total blast and just kicking every day's a**! She is my hero.”

He says she's had an amazing impact on his life.

"I absolutely fricken love this dog! I’m so grateful to have found her," Mike said. "We brighten each other’s day all day long."
When asked what his favorite thing about his BFF is, Mike said, "Her funny personality and how active she is with engaging with me. She’s not interested in just being around, she wants to be part of my life, not just in it."

He says to anyone on the fence about adopting a shelter pet: "To quote The Terminator: 'DO IT!!!' WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!"

"I get to share my home and my heart with this creature that doesn’t speak my language but I know she loves me," Mike said. "It’s amazingly awesome."

You, too, could find your love story by adopting your new BFF!
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More Happy Tails
Braxton, one of our adorable long-timers who’s been in an incredible foster home, was adopted last week!

His adopter Davy said of getting the opportunity to bring Braxton home: “Wow it's really happening! I can't wait to meet Braxton and be a forever home for him!!!”

Congratulations, Braxton, and thank you to his adopter and fosters!
Tre found his home yesterday after spending a while in a great foster home!

His new family said, "We are all SO excited to meet Tre and bring him to his forever home!"

We are thrilled that he has found a family that seems like such a good match for him!

Congratulations, Tre, and thank you to his adopters and foster!
Brando was adopted today!

His fosters made his own Instagram account to show just how cute and awesome this boy is!

Their social media efforts seem to have paid off as he went home this morning!

Foster Hope said to his adopters, "I’m very happy for you, Carmen and Lindsey! Also very happy for Brando to have found his forever home, he’s such a great pup."

Congratulations, Brando, and thank you to his new family and his fosters!
Muffin, who was a Dog Day Out hit with her adorable face, found her home last week!

Volunteers said, “What a sweetheart. She is very strong girl, but as we continued our walk, she quickly learned to keep pace and not pull. She was not interested in the water, loved smelling everything and loves to give kisses! She craved affection and we gave her plenty. After our long walk she finally settled down for the car ride back to the shelter. She would be great with someone who loves jogging or a very active family. She has a lot of love to give. Thank for you for a fun day out!”

Now she's home with her family! Congratulations to both!
Callen went to his foster-to-adopt home after being with an SSPA foster!

He's undergoing heartworm treatment, so the shelter will continue to cover his treatment until he's in the clear. After that, his family plans to make it official and adopt him!

After meeting him, his foster-to-adopter said, "He is EXACTLY what I am looking for in every way possible. I would definitely love to foster him until I can adopt him."

Congratulations to Callen and his family, and thank you to all involved in his care!
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Thank You for Supporting Wonderful June!
Thanks to your donations, our partners Teaching Everyone Animals Matter (T.E.A.M. Bradshaw) were able to raise $5,400 to fund incredible June's surgery!

June arrived at the Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter on Nov. 18, 2019, with inhumanely and poorly cropped ears, along with significant swelling and arthritis build-up in her back leg and multiple fractures. All indications point to June being in a great deal of pain for some time.

June is currently in a wonderful foster home, and we are in awe of this sweet girl! While living with incredible amounts of pain, she has continued to be happy, social and full of life.

At SSPA, she has played a vital role in our dog playgroups, becoming the SSPA greeter dog. She keeps the other dogs calm and in line, without drama. She is the sweetest momma bear to all.

All involved realized early on that we were not giving up but, more importantly, neither was June!

Thanks to you, she'll now be able to receive critical surgery to alleviate her pain and brighten her life!

Thank you for everything you do to support our pups!
Twitch Streamer Keeps Sponsoring Our Dogs!
Twitch streamer Trevor - - dropped by to sponsor seven more dogs last Friday!

He has now covered the adoption fees of nearly 20 of our pups in total! AMAZING.

Read more about Trevor, including how and why he raises funds for pups, in our newsletter that we sent out on Thanksgiving week!

One of our happy tails above - Posey - was among the beneficiaries of Trevor's generosity.

We are so grateful that our pups have such an amazing - and innovative - supporter!

Trevor - we can’t thank you enough!
Get to Know a Member of the SSPA Team!
In this series, we'll feature one of our team members each week!
Q&A with Volunteer Christen Miranda

How long have you been part of Sacramento Shelters Pets Alive and what inspired you to be part of the team?
This January will be three years since I joined the SSPA team. I have always loved dogs and I wanted to find a way to do more for those dogs that needed it most. One of my girlfriends saw a post on Facebook for PB SOC (now known as SSPA) for a volunteer to help with playgroups. I tagged along, and knew the moment I walked into the shelter that I'd be here to stay.

What’s the best thing about being a member of the SSPA team?
The very best thing about being an SSPA team member is that I get unlimited snuggles from the most amazing beings on the planet. When I am with the dogs, the world seems right again and spending time with them makes my day!
What moment during your time with SSPA is most memorable for you? 
Oh man ... there are more than a few to choose from but I guess I would have to say it was the day I took home my first foster. Her name was Sasha and she was one of the smaller dogs in the play yard. She was huddled in the corner by herself shaking uncontrollably, scared out of her wits. I asked Founder Delyse what her deal was and she told me she just needs some confidence and that she needs me and to come home with me. Sasha left with me 15 minutes later ... 🤗

What do you hope to help SSPA accomplish in the future?
I hope to help SSPA create a space where all dogs matter and give pups a place to heal, grow, learn, and either find their forever home or live out their lives in a place that makes them feel safe and loved. I hope to be a part of making a difference.

And finally, what is your favorite thing about your pets?
My pets are: Nike, a 7-pound Chihuahua that runs the household while playing the fun police. Bandit, a 9-pound Chug with an underbite and protruding tooth, but he's the sweetest love bug of all time. Brandy is the latest addition to our family and was a foster fail as recent as June of this year. She has had a tough life with all sorts of skin and allergy issues, the latest which includes spine issues, but she is a fighter and has the silliest personality. These three are my children and I love them more than anything!
Won't You Take Us Home?

This handsome boy is looking for a patient and understanding foster!

He had a blast on his day out, and volunteers said: “We had such a fun day with handsome Youkon ❤ He enjoys car rides, sits for treats, and is so playful - he prances around which is just the cutest! Thank you for letting us spend the day with this good boy 🙂”

Youkon is hoping to land in a foster home with a family that can respect that he is very aloof at first and not push him! Your patience and understanding will be rewarded when he comes out of his shell!

Ready to take him in? Fill out an application below!

We can't believe this cutie pie is still seeking a home!

He's known for giving puppy kisses (pictured) and just being an all-around silly and joyful dude!

He's proved to be great on walks or jogs as well!

Things to note: He has some mouthiness and resource-guarding, so we'd prefer he go to a home without kids. He is also much more comfy with women.

Help us keep him smiling; apply to foster or adopt him below.

This stunning guy is super fun and silly!

He is human-driven and has a protective side over those he bonds with.

He definitely expresses his playfulness and silliness with his person, including plenty of play bows!

He prefers to be your one and only, but will give you plenty of love and smiles in return.

He'd also love a home where he has plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.

Let's get him home! Fill out an application below today!
SSPA Foster Dog of the Week
Kush loves adventures and just being part of a family!

On a day out adventure before he found a foster, the volunteer said:

"He was awesome!!! He jogged 4 miles with me and never lunged or even looked twice at squirrels or other dogs. A great buddy!!! He was challenging in the car but just because he’s a cuddle bug lap dog."

Check out his expert lounging abilities in foster.

Ready to adopt? Fill out an adoption application today!
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