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Several months ago the Taylor Mill City Commission began discussing how the community should best handle the ongoing and ever increasing issues surrounding the short term rental of residential property in our various residential neighborhoods.  This issue became a topic of discussion after an individual approached the City Commission for permission to run an Airbnb Short Term Vacation Rental Business in a local neighborhood, and continued further after we also began receiving some complaints from neighbors about an existing residential property that was being used as a short term vacation rental.


Currently, the Taylor Mill Zoning Code precludes the renting of residential property for the purpose of running a short term vacation rental out of your home, however, the language is ambiguous.  As a result, the Taylor Mill City Commission elected to clarify the language and to submit to the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission an application to amend the text of the zoning code to more clearly identify that the rental of residential property for Short Term Vacation Rentals is prohibited.  Note - Short Term Rentals are defined as rentals of less than 28 days.


In order to amend the Taylor Mill Zoning Code, the City Commission must submit an application to the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission (NKAPC) for review and recommendation of the action.  The meeting of the NKAPC is open to the public and residents are invited to attend and provide feedback on any pending application.  We originally planned on this public hearing concerning the preclusion of Short Term Rentals being held in February, however, it will now be held in March.


Anyone interested in attending to learn more about this issue is encouraged to attend the NKAPC March meeting on Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 6:15 pm.  The meeting will be held at the offices of Kenton County Planning Development Services, located at 2332 Royal Drive, Ft. Mitchell, KY.


To learn more about this issue, please feel free to contact our City Administrator Jill Bailey or any of your locally elected City Officials at


Thank you.