September 23, 2022
Yesterday, the Fall Equinox marked the transition from summer into autumn. I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to fall – the summer here in San Diego County seems to linger around a bit too long (especially this year!), and I welcome the crisp cool air and the play of light and shadow that come with the shortening days. Of course, Southern California fall isn’t quite as dramatic as it is in other places, but there is still a sense of change and energy that carries a sort of electricity. It’s a change that comes upon us suddenly, as changes often do – another summer left to the past, another winter lying just ahead. John O’Donohue writes that “change arrives in nature when time has ripened. There are no jagged transitions or crude discontinuities. This accounts for the sureness with which one season succeeds another. It is as though they were moving forward in a rhythm set from within a continuum.” (John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us). Change is constant in nature – the cycles of life simply cannot go on without the continual flowering of the seeds of change. The motion of life, death, and rebirth goes on, from the smallest individual organism to the entire ecosystem.

Growth in our own lives is largely only possible through change as well. God’s spirit is always working in us, often behind the scenes, to transform us and to bring us closer to the full realization of who we were called to be. This happens to us as individuals, but also happens at the level of our communities. We move from one state of change to the next. It’s tempting to want to hold onto the status quo – to maintain the “good old days” for as long as we can! But we simply cannot grow this way, and will eventually stagnate.

I see all of these same forces of change at work in the life of Holy Cross. As we celebrated our patronal Feast of the Holy Cross last week, we tied ourselves to wonderful memories of the past. And yet, we are not the same congregation we were before. Some members of our family have returned to join us back in South Carlsbad, but others may have moved on permanently. Some of our ministries are back in motion, but others may be left to the past. And yet, as with all change we don’t just leave things behind but also move forward in new ways. We saw new faces last Sunday, and shared stories of new opportunities to embody the gospel message in our new location. And through the changes, the spirit of welcome and fellowship that is our foundation remains strong.

It may be hard to accept that, after spending such a long time in a state of transition, that we are in yet another season of change. But if we learn from the wisdom of listening to creation during this Season of Creation, we’ll see that this is the best place to be if we want to grow! The energy that we feel in the winds of fall is the energy of the Holy Spirit that is always moving, always dynamic. The sooner we can embrace this energy of change, the better positioned we will be to move forward into the future as a community. Let Creation be our guide this season – and let us seek together the power of life found in the midst of change! 

In Christ,
There can be no renewal of our relationship with nature
without a renewal of humanity itself.

Photo by Dr. Robyn Hill - Quote from Laudato Si’
 an encyclical of Pope Francis on Care for Our Common Home
Rev Brian away from the Office
Monday, September 26 - Wednesday, September 28
at Diocesan Clergy Conference

Brian+ will be out of the office this coming Monday, September 26 through Wednesday, September 28 at the gathering of clergy in our diocese. This will be a time for all clergy to step away from their daily duties and have time for prayer, renewal, and time together as a group. During these three days Brian+ will have limited access to his office email or voicemail and will respond to all church related matters upon his return to the office.

For a pastoral emergency, if you are unable to reach someone in the office, please call our Senior Warden, Karen Sanchez, at 808.404.0558.
Homecoming Sunday Thank You

Thank you to all who attended Homecoming Sunday last weekend and helped make our patronal feast day - Holy Cross Day - a joyful occasion. It was wonderful to see everyone, especially those we hadn't seen in awhile! A special thank you to our hospitality crew, Joyce & Tom, for the wonderful work you did preparing the space ahead of time for our celebration brunch and to those who also helped set-up on Sunday morning. A special shout-out to our Jr. Warden, Katie, for the last minute run to Broken Yolk to help sort out and bring our wonderful meal to us.

And, thank you to those in attendance for your gracious patience and understanding that sometimes even the best made plans can, and do, go sideways. Please know the food delay and confusion was not because of Broken Yolk. We had a confirmed order, with a confirmation number and receipt, from the caterer (who was a separate company). Unfortunately, at 10am on Sunday morning, the caterer informed me they were not going to be able to deliver per their commitment due to a lack of staff. They failed to inform me that they never put our order in with Broken Yolk. So, you can imagine the surprise at Broken Yolk when Katie showed up - yup, they were totally caught off guard! BUT, they jumped in with grace and prepared our food, substituting in a few instances where they didn't have enough of what we had originally ordered, and we had a wonderful hot fresh meal - even if it was a bit late to arrive.

I stopped by the restaurant on Monday and spoke with the manager to thank her and the staff, on behalf of Holy Cross, for their gracious handling of the situation. She was so pleasant and was happy to hear that we enjoyed our brunch and celebration.

Thank you again to all who attended and for making this a great and special day!

Karen, Sr. Warden
Zoom Formation Group
Begins Thursday September 29

As we enter into our new program year, I am very excited to announce that we will be having a new opportunity for Christian Formation available via Zoom. Our new Zoom Formation Group, led by Rev. Brian, will be meeting on Thursdays from 5pm-6pm, and all are welcome to join. To begin, we’ll be discussing the Lectionary readings for the week and digging deeper into the Scripture. Book and topical studies might be added later as the group continues. Feel free to join us any time – you don’t need to commit to being there every week in order to attend. The first meeting will take place at 5pm on Thursday, September 29. A link to the meeting will be provided in the newsletter in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rev. Brian at, and we look forward to seeing you there! 
San Diego Organizing Project
Sheriff Candidate Forum
6pm - Wednesday, September 28
City of Hope International Church - San Diego
and via Zoom 

SDOP and partner faith institutions are hosting a candidate forum for the San Diego County Sheriff position on Wednesday, September 28th from 6 - 7:30 PM. All San Diego County residents are invited to attend.

Both candidates, Kelly Martinez, and John Hemmerling, have agreed to participate. The format of the forum will allow both candidates to make opening statements, answer a series of questions generated from community needs, and make closing comments.

The event will be streamed on Zoom! If you plan to attend in-person or virtually, please RSVP at:

Topics will include: safety, housing, immigration, and jail deaths.
Listening to Creation
An Interfaith Service

This past Wednesday evening, Rev. Brian joined a diverse group of faith leaders from around the county to celebrate the Season of Creation with a Listening to Creation Interfaith service. It was a beautiful evening at La Jolla Shores Park, where we gathered to offer prayers, rituals, songs, and readings to honor the voices and wisdom of our created world. Faith leaders from Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and Religious Science traditions led the group through movements of lamentation, dedication to stewardship and action, and finally expressions of joy and thanksgiving as we also learned concrete ways to speak up for the earth and become better stewards of the gifts of creation. The service concluded with watching the sunset together and singing "This Little Light of Mine" as a reminder to keep our lights shining for the good of all creatures. Rev. Brian led the planning group for this service, and we hope to collaborate on more events like this in the future. 
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Worship at Holy Cross
Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost
September 25, 2022 - 9:30AM
at JCo - our NEW Location!
7805 Centella St. Carlsbad
YouTube & Online.Church   
*Masks required for unvaccinated.
People who have other high-risk factors are also encouraged to wear a mask
We use a screen to project the service bulletin. If you prefer your own worship booklet please download the booklet using the button below to your phone or tablet, or print a copy at home, and bring it with you. Thank you for helping us to be better stewards of God's creation (reducing paper waste).
Video on Demand (VOD): Miss any of the past Sunday services?
You may find them on our YouTube channel here.

Rooted in ancient monastic tradition, this is a perfect way to end the day. Watch for our mid-week check-in newsletter with the service links.

Christian Formation

Adult Formation

Zoom Formation Group
Begins Thursday September 29

As we enter into our new program year, I am very excited to announce that we will be having a new opportunity for Christian Formation available via Zoom. Our new Zoom Formation Group, led by Rev. Brian, will be meeting on Thursdays from 5pm-6pm, and all are welcome to join. To begin, we’ll be discussing the Lectionary readings for the week and digging deeper into the Scripture. Book and topical studies might be added later as the group continues. Feel free to join us any time – you don’t need to commit to being there every week in order to attend. The first meeting will take place at 5pm on Thursday, September 29. A link to the meeting will be provided in the newsletter in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rev. Brian at, and we look forward to seeing you there!
Calling All Godly Play Kids!

Godly Play is grounded in the Montessori tradition and uses special materials and storytelling that invite the children into scripture and church tradition.

For more information please contact Sue Baas.
Upcoming Ministries & Events
All Saints Cemetery Clean-Up
on hiatus during summer
9:30 am - 10:30
200 Peyri Road in Oceanside,
next to Heritage Park

Our All Saints clean up is on hiatus for the summer. Stay tuned for fall when cleanup visits to the cemetery will resume and help us maintain this lovely historic Episcopal property!
Wounded Warrior Battalion West - Camp Pendleton

We deliver healthy snacks to the Wounded Warrior Battalion staff and the Marines and sailors recovering from wounds, injury and illness twice a month on the second and fourth Wednesday's.

Contact Tom Mauro at 847.989.0305 for more information about this ongoing ministry or for how you might participate.
Pictures from last Wednesday Sept 14: providing healthly snacks to the Wounded Warriors and we welcomed the chaplain from 29 Palms, pictured above with our own Joyce at the Wounded Warriors kitchen and dining area. The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.
Immigration Ministry Update

For the past six years, Holy Cross’ Immigration Ministry has provided assistance to one of our parishioners, a Nigerian refugee who is seeking asylum in the United States. This assistance has come in the form of legal help, job and housing assistance, and spiritual and emotional support. The ministry has been made possible by the work of many of our members and by the financial donations of our congregation. At this time, our parishioner (whose name is withheld from this newsletter due to safety concerns) is facing additional roadblocks in his legal struggle for asylum, and Holy Cross is once again re-establishing the Immigration Ministry fund to help with his legal fees. Your donations to this fund are greatly appreciated at this time, as well as your prayers. Donations can be made via check made out to Holy Cross with “Immigration Ministry” in the memo line, or via any of our electronic payment platforms. If you have any questions about this ministry, please contact Rev. Brian via phone or email. 

Giving and Tithing
Thank you to all for your continued pledges and donations. These are integral to our ability to continue our mission, ministries, as well as to stay current on all of our financial obligations.

You may find information about how your pledges and donations support Holy Cross in the Controllers Report published each month in the Bishop's Committee (BC) section of this newsletter. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Warden's, Karen Sanchez and Katie Ho, or any member of the BC if you have questions or would like additional information on our finances or any aspect of Holy Cross.
MAILING ADDRESS: 2647 Gateway Rd Suite 105 #290, Carlsbad, Ca. 92009
Bishop's Committee

Bishop's Committee (BC) meetings are the third Tuesday of the month from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm. The next regular BC meeting is being rescheduled and the date will be published next week - we meet in-person and via Zoom.

Meetings are open and anyone may attend. Please reach out to Karen Sanchez for the Zoom link if you wish to attend remotely.

If there is something for which you wish to bring to the BC's attention, you may reach out to our Clergy-in-Charge, Brian Petersen, our Wardens, Karen Sanchez and Katie Ho, or any BC member. Their contact information is at the bottom of the newsletter, also in the church roster, or you may reach them at the church office:

You may read the approved July Minutes here; Controllers Report here; Priest-in-Charge Report here; and Sr. Warden's Report here.
Pastoral Care
If you have a pastoral emergency and are unable to reach anyone at the church office, 760.930.1270, then always call our Priest-in-Charge, Brian Petersen, at 442.320.0548. If you are unable to reach Brian+ please call our Sr Warden, Karen Sanchez, at 808.494.0558.
Please hold all on our prayer list in your prayers:
If you would like to be added to the Prayers for Comfort, or would like to add someone else (please get their permission first) or add a family member to the Prayers for the Departed, please contact the church office at: email or 760.930.1270. Please mention 'Prayer List' in the Subject line and include whether the prayer request is for "Comfort" or for the "Departed".

Individuals will remain on the prayer list for 4 weeks. Please contact the office if you wish to have someone added for another 4 weeks.
Prayer for our Clergy-in-Charge:
For Rev Brian Petersen, protect, nourish and sustain him through the work of the Holy Spirit. May he find rest and encouragement in the loving care of God and this congregation.

Prayers for Thanksgiving
For our hosts JCo and for this community of Holy Cross

Prayers for Comfort:
Randy Echito, Art Wahl, Tom Andreas, Arlene Cull, Ann Mauro, Paul Vanderpool, Barb Ross, Mia, Sandra Rindge, Mike Collier, George Fern, Fr. Vic Krulak, Bob Laskey, Fr Edelman, David Poddig and family, Nancy H, Irene Ramey, Cooper & Broderick families, all who have been affected by the COVID-19 virus, all who have been affected by gun violence, and those who have no one to pray for them.

Prayers for the Departed
We commend to God all who have died, especially Tyler Cooper, those who have lost their lives to the COVID-19 virus and those who have lost their lives to gun violence.

Prayers for those celebrating Birthdays
Randy Echito, Linda Collier, Wendy Moray

Prayers for those celebrating Anniversaries
Alex & Alyson Gobler, Tony & MaryLou Vanderpool

Prayers for those Traveling
Mike Collier

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
We pray for the Anglican Church of Burundi

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer
We pray for the clergy and people of St. Paul’s Cathedral, San Diego, and our diocesan clergy as they gather for Clergy Conference this week.

The people of Ukraine and Russia; for all communities affected by gun violence; for peace
Notes of Care
Thinking of you. Humming bird watercolor card illustration
If you would like to be added, or suggest someone to be added (please get their permission first) to Notes of Care please contact the church office at: or 760.930.1270

Note: If you have lost a member of your family and would like us to include you and your family in "Notes of Care" please provide the name and relationship of your loved one, the date they entered into glory, and the address of where you would like notes of care sent.
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers those who are unable to be with us in worship and reach out to them to let them know they are missed.

Tom Andreas
1930 W San Marcos Blvd Spc 234
San Marcos, CA. 92078

Arlene Cull
4714 Athos Way
Oceanside, Ca 92056

Fr. Walter Edelman
17427 Gibraltar Court
San Diego, CA 92128-2332

Season of Creation Prayer from cover of pew leaflet Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost, 22 September 2019 - St. Francis of Assisi, Parkview, Diocese of Johannesburg, Anglican Church of Southern Africa.
In the Diocese and Beyond
Our own Maggie Ho will be performing in Disney’s Mary Poppins with the Moonlight Youth Theater at the Moonlight Amphitheater in Vista. Information below if you’d like to see the show. Tickets are available here.

Diocesan Convention returns to an in-person gathering this year for the first time in two years. On Friday, November 11, everyone can join Convention online for an evening of virtual presentations, a panel discussion, and workshops. On the morning of Saturday, November 12, elected delegates, clergy, and visitors will gather at St. Bartholomew’s in Poway to worship, learn, and discern together–reflecting on becoming a better people of God.

Visitors are welcome to attend convention, please register as a visitor and enjoy the worship, business and fellowship of the Diocesan Convention with the many others in attendance from throughout the diocese. Lay visitor cost is $45 and you may register here.

Below you will find information related to the convention:

Pre Convention Meetings (Save the Date)

Budget Hearing
  • Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022 – 6:30 pm
>>>>>Meeting ID: 896 3831 6644
>>>>>Passcode: 876826

  • Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022 – 10:00 am
>>>>>Meeting ID: 892 0154 2174
>>>>>Passcode: 360316

Diocesan Convention Roadmap
Friday, November 11 (Virtual)
Friday afternoon and evening sessions will be held virtually. All visitors, deputies, and interested parties are welcome to participate.

3:00 – 4:00 Resolutions and Canons Hearing
Meeting ID: 853 3040 9961
Passcode: 215132

4:00 – 5:00 Budget Hearing
Meeting ID: 873 3060 3885
Passcode: 157296

5:15-6:30 Keynote Discussion: “Welcome Home”
A panel discussion on the work of the Mission Real Estate Taskforce and the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego.
Meeting ID: 842 1551 0350
Passcode: 289811
Saturday, November 12 (In-person)
Saturday, November 12, we will meet at St. Bartholomew’s in Poway for a full day of business and worship.
7:00 am – Check-in opens
8:30 am – Opening Eucharist
12:00 pm – Lunch
4:30 pm – Close of Business  
Commission on Ministry - Day of Information
Have you considered God's call for your life? Whether you are called to teach, preach, or lead in a Christian context, everyone is called to something. On October 8, the Commission on Ministry and Bishop Susan will outline various lay licenses and the newly organized ordination process online from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Whatever you are discerning, we wish to help focus the call of the Spirit in your life!
Register here.
ECS Night with SD Loyal
Join ECS clients, staff, and supporters for a fun, family-friendly afternoon, on Oct. 9, as we cheer on San Diego’s local professional soccer team and celebrate the transformative work of ECS. Show up early and watch our Head Start Scholars take part in the pre-game ceremonies and escort the players out to the field. Tickets here.
Ordination to the Diaconate
God willing and the people consenting, Michael Kilpatrick and Pete Martin will be ordained to the Holy Order of Deacons on Saturday, October 22, 2022, at 11 am at St. Paul's Cathedral. Live Stream will be available on Diocesan Social media channels. More information here.
Season of Creation 
This year in solidarity with faith communities across the globe, the EDSD Creation Care Task Force invites you to celebrate another Season of Creation from September 4 - October 2
More information here.
Camp Stevens Celebrating 70 yrs
Join us for our Restorative Justice Retreat. Camp Stevens is celebrating 70 years of impact and growth while looking toward the future! We will learn, listen, love, and start the process of healing across faiths, generations, identities, cultures, and beyond. More information here.
Lay Eucharist Visitor Training
Whether you are a novice, interested in being a trainer, or a seasoned Eucharistic Visitor, this course offers opportunities to learn more, develop or improve skills and become more proficient in how we serve God and the church. One day training from 9am - 2pm via Zoom offered once/month October 2022 - March 2023. More information and sign up here.
Sacred Ground
Sacred Ground is the Episcopal Church’s film & reading based series which creates space for difficult but respectful and transformative dialogue on race, racism & faith. Not sure if Sacred Ground is right for you? On October 2nd members of a recently completed Sacred Ground Circle will be visiting Holy Cross and will be available to answer questions about their experience.
There's more information on programs and training available in this weeks diocesan newsletter here
The highlight of the festival is Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and the Rev. Dr. William Barber two of the greatest public speakers in a generation, as well as the Voices of Our City Choir! Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity for a celebration of Good News! And the Festival is FREE - Invite a friend!
Have you heard the latest Good news?
The Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and The Rev. Dr. William Barber are looking forward to joining San Diego this December 9-10 for a celebration of Good News! But we need your help!

Are you local to San Diego and want to volunteer at the Festival? Join the crew! With opportunities to serve throughout the weekend, the Good News Festival crew will help make this amazing event run smoothly.

With opportunities to welcome guests, help with logistics, stage management, and more, the Good News Festival needs your help! Volunteer here.

The Good News Workshops
The Good News Festival Team is excited to announce these workshop opportunities offered throughout the day on December 10:
  • Borders, Migration & Jesus;
  • Faith and LGBTQ+ Rights
  • Evangelism in the 21st Century
  • Starting New Faith Communities in San Diego
  • Food Security and Faith Communities
  • Creation Crisis and Care
  • Affordable Housing and Faith Communities
  • How to Try
Join us at the Good News Festival and enjoy world-class presenters for constructive workshops or panel discussions. Space will be limited. More information about the workshops and registration is here.

Book Your Room
Want to enjoy the Festival and not worry about driving home after the evening is done? Book your room for the Good News Festival and capitalize on this exclusive room rate at the Town and Country Resort: here.

Holiday Marketplace
We are excited to offer a Holiday Marketplace to support your business and to feature fair trade and minority-owned businesses in this special aspect of the Good News Festival. We anticipate having thousands of guests at the Festival, and it is our hope that the Holiday Marketplace will be an especially big draw because it falls at a perfect time for Christmas shopping! Vendor space is limited. Register as a vendor here.
Staff and Leadership
Our Clergy
Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Susan Brown Snook ***
Clergy-in-Charge: The Rev. Brian Petersen, Priest-in-Charge -; 442.320.0548
Brian+ is available to meet at our church space on Tuesdays, and at our office at St. Andrew's, Encinitas on Thursdays by appointment and at the church on Sundays. Please schedule at time using this link: If you have a pastoral emergency please email or text him (442.320.0548). If you are unable to reach him please contact Karen Sanchez, our Sr. Warden.

Bookkeeper: Muriel Wahl
Controller: Erin Sacco Pineda, CPA - ESP Accounting
AV Tech Guru: Jack Cater
AV Tech Asst: Finley Dicus
Admin/Communications Coord: Ryan Cagle

Leadership - Bishop's Committee ("BC")
Sr. Warden: Karen Sanchez -
Jr. Warden: Katie Ho
Members at large: Mike Collier, Allen Zych
Treasurer: Grant Ford
Clerk: Robyn Hill

Contact information:
Church office: 760.930.1270
Mailing address: 2647 Gateway Rd Suite 105 #290, Carlsbad, CA. 92009
To contact any of our staff or BC members that do not have an email address listed above please use the church email address, your message will be forwarded to the individual. If you wish to contact them in confidence please indicate that in your message and we will ask the individual to contact you.

As a reminder, our staff work remotely. The office email and voice mail is monitored regularly. In the event of a pastoral emergency please contact Rev Brian. If you are unable to reach him then please contact Karen Sanchez, our Sr. Warden.

*** To contact the Bishop's office or another member of the diocesan staff ("EDSD"):
EDSD phone: 619-291-5947
EDSD staff directory:

This communication provides you with information about Holy Cross and our Ministries. For comments or possible contributions, please email the editor at
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