You as a Global Leader
" Be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Gandhi
Dear leaders in your families, communities, and organizations around the world,

An internationally diverse group joined us for Practical Ways to Use Dare to Lead Principles

You can view the video of our Zoom call HERE .

Brene Brown is a researcher, professor, author (5 best sellers), and, now, world renowned speaker. There was a recent 60 minutes special about and with her. H ere is a LINK to that video.

If you are not familiar with her videos, especially her Ted talks, she is also entertaining! Each is about 20 minutes. I have embedded links to some of those in the all CAPS word below.

Her first one about VULNERABILITY from 2011.

Her next one -- Listening to SHAME

A fascinating interview featuring clips of Oprah: A Why Do We Hide Our true SELF ?

On our call, we discussed a part of her book, Dare to Lead, that deals with values -- "a way of being or believing that you hold most important."

We explored our personal values through three questions:

  • What values are most dear to us?
  • Where are we congruent with our values and where are we not?
  • How can we take care to be better aligned?

Particularly with question number two, it was evident that there are times in our lives when we have to choose one over another. Of course, that just takes us to another of Brene's books -- The Gift of Imperfection .

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