You as a Global Leader
" Be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Gandhi
To those who are encountering things these days that do not work quite the way we want,

An internationally diverse group joined us for Two-Stepping -- Generating Breakthroughs. Thank you to those who joined us and gave us some wonderful insights about where there has been an interruption between their commitments and their actions. It is our intention that the framework we introduced called LEGG will help you to process those interruptions and get back into action that is connected to what you care about.

You can view the video of our Zoom call HERE .

We are announcing two new live conversations -- Connecting to What You Care About for Wednesday, April 29, and Gratitude & Forgiveness on April 11th. Both will be approximately one hour starting at 8:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -7) .

If you were not on any of our recent calls and want to attend the next one, please send an email to . You will receive the Zoom room link as well as the password via email. People who have been on one of our calls are automatically given this information.

Thanks to Diana Hartley for information about a course on resiliency (one of our earlier discussions) -- Foundations of Positive Psychology: Resilience Skills in a Time of Uncertainty from Karen Reivich, Ph.D. of the University of Pennsylvania. Enrollment info HERE . It is free. 

Barbara Key and Linda Alepin
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