What's Found in our Bi-monthly Newsletter
Hi friends!

We're continuing to keep our lease at The Phoenix Center in downtown Ann Arbor so the space will be available to us when it's safe to return to weekly group classes. Your continued support this year has been inspiring and I'm to grateful for the ways in which we've stayed connected this year. Below you'll find pertinent class information including the availability of our pre-recorded Zumba class , details regarding the return of our virtual Bellydance Fitness Program, and information regarding our social distant outdoor classes in September and October. I hope to see you all soon!

Sheila's Photography and Henna Art
Some of you may know that I'm pursuing work at a full-time artist this year. If you are interested in my photography or henna body art services please follow me on social media to support these projects. I will announce special event days scheduled for September and October to experience safe and socially distant sessions with me if you'd like to have portraiture or body art done by me. I'd love to work with you all to create some beautiful art outside of dance!
Weekly Schedule and Outdoor Classes!
Many thanks to those of you who have been joining me this year for our live broadcast of virtual classes. Traditionally we do not have classes surrounding holidays, however we will be holding class this Sunday, September 6th and next Tuesday, September 8th despite the Labor Day holiday.

Classes are still donation-based to accommodate those of us who will be experiencing financial uncertainty during the current and future state of affairs. If you are able to contribute any funds via Venmo to @shelovelife we would be so grateful in your investment to keep our community going strong, otherwise please enjoy the classes free of charge. Download Zoom on your device and attend using Meeting ID: 517 303 3573 *Important Notice - Starting Sept. 27th, 2020, all meetings must have either a Waiting Room or Passcode enabled. Our Passcode will be the same as our Meeting ID: 517 303 3573
Sundays at 6pm, Tuesdays at 5:30pm, and Wednesdays at 6pm I host a Zumba class online using the above link. In addition, on Sundays if you’re local you may join us in Saline for a socially distant outdoor Zumba experience as I conduct our 6pm virtual livestream while the weather lasts! If you are interested in attending class in person on Sundays, you must message me for directions and parking instructions (this is not a public location and the address will not be publicized) by 5pm the day of class. Max capacity for attendance is 20 participants and in case of inclement weather, will be held via livestream only. We anticipate having the outdoor experience through October until Daylight Saving Time ends.

You can always find the information needed to tune in on the Google class calendar under the Schedule page of my website. Look for the calendar events titled "Dance with Sheila - live broadcast".
Enjoy After Hours Classes via ZIN Studio
Zumba® home office launched a new platform for instructors to offer pre-recorded virtual classes online. This will allow access to a Zumba class with me during after hours on days of the week that I do not currently offer a livestream class. This means my class is now accessible to folks living in different time zones or those of you who are juggling different schedules and demands can do a Zumba class with me whenever it's convenient for you.

The instructions for accessing these pre-recorded videos are as follows: The ZIN Studio™ online platform for pre-recorded classes launched by Zumba® houses virtual classes posted for viewing on a scheduled day and time. Users can make payment for access to a pre-recorded virtual class up to five hours past the scheduled time and have up to ten hours past the scheduled time to view (for example, if we have scheduled a pre-recorded virtual class for Monday at 6:00 AM EDT, a user can make payment until 11:00 AM EDT to gain access and will have until 4:00 PM EDT to view). All of my pre-recorded virtual classes will be scheduled for days and times that we currently do not have livestream classes available. Pre-recorded virtual classes will be scheduled for Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 12:00 AM EDT, 6:00 AM EDT, 12:00 PM EDT, and 6:00 PM EDT.
Click on the button below to be directed to ZIN Studio™! to locate my upcoming classes (please note, you can click through the days listed at the top of the search results to filter by day). Click on the day and time be redirected to the payment page for access to pre-recorded class
Strengthen and Stretch with Bellydance Fitness
If you're looking for new ways to be fit, or if find yourself at home feeling sore and tense from being sedentary these days, or if you've ever been curious about Middle Eastern Dance, my Bellydance Fitness class is a fun and exciting introduction to this dance form that you can drop in on at any time! In addition to the usual strength building exercises we've added some deep stretches for addressing tightness in the neck and shoulders, lower back pain, and opening up your hip flexors. This program is a great compliment to Zumba Fitness and I encourage everyone to check it out.

Wednesdays beginning September 16th!
7:00pm Bellydance Fitness

Bellydance fitness is a fun conditioning class that utilizes the movement of middle eastern dance to target the core, upper arms, and upper legs. It is a medium intensity workout focusing on strength and toning through bellydance. The program is a follow-the-leader form of movement, without too much emphasis on mastering the dance form. The class playlist is repeated each class participants can measure progress against their own best self. No previous dance training is required! This class is great for bellydance looking to gain strength and flexibility where is matters most, or for individuals who want to get a great workout from this dance form.
Stay Connected!
To keep in touch check out my Dance With Sheila Instagram page, enjoy my Sheila playlist of the music I personally listen to outside of classes, and find our past Zumba playlists on Youtube or the most recent playlist for in person Zumba class on Spotify available for you when you need it.