To our distribution partners.

Let me begin by thanking you for the business and opportunities you have given us so far. For those of you who shared feedback, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to let us know how we are doing. If you would still like to share your feedback, please click here.

The feedback had a couple of consistent themes: the need for faster background checks, more technology, and additional marketing tools such as sales ideas and success stories.

Below are some highlights on what Zurich has been up to.

Background Checks: Our operations team has worked feverishly over the past few weeks to improve the background check experience. We are pleased to announce that we have switched vendors and expect our processing time to improve greatly going forward.

Technology: We continue to work on our technology initiatives and expect to launch the first phase of the portal broadly early in the second quarter, which will allow policy owners, brokers and BGAs to access in-force policy and broker information. We are still on track for delivering our e-application solution and pending case feeds in the third quarter.

Engagement: Thanks to your feedback, we have begun scheduling and holding strategic planning sessions. To date, these sessions have been incredibly helpful and transparent, and we appreciate your partnership. We have also developed more competitive case studies, real success stories, and brief sales idea presentations. We will continue to build and deliver value added material throughout the year.

The giveaway: Congratulations to January's winner! We're ready to do it again. By EOD February 19th, click here to answer 5 short questions about our Wealth Builder IULTM. Include your e-mail address and we'll enter you into the drawing if all of your answers are correct.

Need a refresher? Here is the competitive study we shared in January.

Wishing you and your families the best,
Farah Rehman
Senior Vice President