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After 15 years, a house is finally made whole. Patience indeed has its virtues.
A 15 Year Library for 10,000 Books
Montgomery County, Maryland

This house was designed to be built in two stages, with over a decade between.

The first stage included all the normal spaces for family life. The second is a library for 10,000 books.

The center of the three-pavilion house was originally left as a clean dark shell. Now, a carefully detailed and constructed three-level library opens to views over the Potomac River.

The first two levels of the library open and connect directly to the main spaces of the house, completing the original design and providing formal living and dining spaces.
Photos: Anice Hoachlander
General Contractor Library build out: Added Dimensions Inc
General Contractor Phase 1: West Wing Builders
Design Team — Mark McInturff FAIA David Mogensen AIA Peter Noonan AIA

Florence, Italy
Michelangelo’s Laurentian Library, sketched by a 27-year-old Mark McInturff on
his Grand Tour of that year.

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