Haiti needs your prayers & we need your help
Recently, we spent a Sunday afternoon alone with President Jovenel;
he shared the obstacles and opposition facing him.
We prayed with him, ministered the word and are assured
he has not been compromised or corrupted and remains courageously committed to the vision, he says, “God placed in my heart.”
International Produce Market
On May Day, the President spoke at perhaps his biggest project a hydroelectric power plant and dam in the Nord Est department at Marion; this is a multi-million dollar project dependent on $150,000,000.00 Taiwanese loan and engineers which Opposition Senators are blocking a vote on because an oligarch currently holds an rival electric contract.

The President’s plan is to irrigate 500,000 hectares, almost 2000 square miles of rich farmland for fruit and vegetable production to compete on the international produce market with South & Central America for US business!
Jovenel Martine
330 Million American Customers
Haiti is already exporting mangos, watermelons, bananas and coffee to the US; the production provides thousands of jobs and gives Haitians hope.

But enemies are many and we implore you to intercede with us for a miraculous end to opposition oligarchs and politicians who pay millions to hold the country in literal darkness by blocking ratification of the Prime Minister and hire armed gangs to terrorize the nation.

Understanding the Vision
Joel preaching at Gerard Bataille
Roads, Electricity, Water, Produce
President Jovenel is building roads to transport produce to local markets and ships for the 48 hr trek to America, the world's largest produce consumer! He is building Haiti's first dam in a hundred years, to irrigate fields & produce cash crops that President Trump promised to buy.

And this dam, Le Barrage Marion will provide hydro electric power to millions of Haitians, refrigerator containers and preparation sites for exportable crops. The potential is real and millions of jobs for will be realized.

Our vision is to win souls by preaching the gospel in the most effective efficient way God has given us and to obey Him by walking through every open door He sets before us, including prayer with the President and the poorest of the poor.

Our Creole ChristianTV show La Bonne Nouvelle is the effective open door, but we need your financial help. Today we have a great monthly need for support and we pray that God will speak to your heart to make a commitment and use the secure donation button to give today and every month to help us win Haiti for Christ .

Thank you and may God richly bless you.