allcove Beach Cities

opens today, November 1

Located in Redondo Beach, on the coastal edge of Los Angeles County, allcove Beach Cities opens today to serve the young people, families and community of the South Bay. 

allcove Beach Cities' opening is the culmination of many years of collaborative partnership and work. The center will serve young people ages 12 to 25, providing a unique place for them to access support. It is designed to create meaningful, positive experiences for every young person who comes through its doors.

Everything about allcove is designed with, by and for young people. From the look and feel, to the options youth have to engage in center activities, young people are co-creators and champions.

allcove serves as a place for young people to take a moment of pause and access a range of services that include:

  • Mental health.
  • Physical health.
  • Substance use.
  • Peer support.
  • Family support.
  • Supported education and employment.

In addition to the allcove core services, they will offer an arrange of life skills and wellness opportunities such as culinary arts, mindfulness, music and more. 

allcove Beach Cities

514 N. Prospect Avenue, Suite 400

Fourth floor

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

(310) 374-5706

Tuesday through Friday, 1-7 p.m.

Saturday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Closed Mondays and Sundays

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Are you interested in having an allcove center in your community? 

Contact the Central allcove Team to learn more about what it takes to develop and open an allcove center near you.

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