issue 26
Hi, Dreamers!

It’s been a minute and we thought maybe we should get reacquainted. This is us. We are The Dreamcatchers, Marissa (left) and Jamie (right). Sisters, not twins 😂. Motivators. Career Experts.

September always meant “new beginnings” to us - new notebooks, new schedules, and new magic to be made. So we thought what better time to reintroduce you to your favorite dreamcatchers than NOW.

We have been in staffing for almost 20 years and have been hosting a career-focused podcast since 2018 with A Shared Universe, all with one goal in mind - to ignite and inspire.

It’s been a wild 18-month ride since we had to cancel Lead with Light, our inaugural summit where all of our year-one podcast guests were meant to have a meeting of the minds at our beautiful second home and NJ office, Bell Works.

We made lemonade 🍋 by dipping our toes in ALL the things: we built the dreamcatchers web 🕸, a robust networking community to help those who were furloughed, treading water and all the things in between; we curated countless career and empowerment-focused classes and camps; we created our constellations - mentoring groups for job seekers (dreamCHASERS); we kept recording our podcast (on Zoom 😉); and so much more…all while still running our households (homeschooling and anxiety surfing) and still holding tight to our day-to-day at Choice Fashion + Media.

We did anything and everything we could to keep a pulse on the community we love so much and to keep YOU (and ourselves) afloat during a year we will never forget. And now, it’s officially time to go back to school and do what we know how to do best. Help others.

Starting Monday, 9/13, we will be starting FRESH. Not only are we launching a second round of classes at Brookdale Community College (info below!), but we are getting back to basics. THE NET NET of what to expect from your favorite dreamers is outlined here. Break open those new notebooks 📓 and jot this down:

CONVERSATION: We will continue to feature incredible dreamMAKERS on the dreamcatchers podcast. We are booking through 2022 and are seeking guests and dreamPARTNERS (sponsors) as we speak.

CONTENT: Our primary focus will be our dreamWORK offerings - book time with us for dreamRESUME, dreamPROFILE (LinkedIn and networking help), dreamBUNDLE (both), or dreamONDEMAND (one-on-one career advice - you may even get your astrology chart read. We pack a mean punch 🔮)

COMMUNITY: Anyone who has ever been on the podcast or opted into our web will be listed in our comprehensive and curated “who’s who,” the dreamDIRECTORY. Purchase a dreamWORK session or a dreamPARTNER sponsorship and receive access for FREE. Or just pay a one-time fee for a month of access. Already a paying member? CLICK HERE to book time on our calendars so we can discuss next steps for you!

CONNECTION: We are also available as moderators, leaders, speakers, collaborators. Have an event or collab in mind? An upcoming career panel or resume workshop? Happy to help.

That’s it! Plain and simple. We are your go-to-girls for all things career. Let’s get this party (re)started.

Questions? EMAIL US!

Marissa + Jamie
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