January 6, 2014
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To: Members and Friends of the Maryland Green Registry


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is priceless when it comes to demonstrating how something is done. The Maryland Green Registry member profiles are full of proven, practical environmental practices. Why not bring your good work to life and inspire others by submitting a video to our new video library? You can work with a marketing or video production company (check out the Maryland Green Registry member list for company names) or just grab your smartphone or camera, pick a practice that helps your organization reduce its environmental impacts and then show and tell!   Instructions for submitting videos can be found here.


All members that submit videos will be entered into a drawing for prizes at the Maryland Green Registry Annual Membership and Awards Event in June (see details below) so get those cameras rolling now!  


Laura Armstrong

Maryland Green Registry Coordinator 


Save the Date: The 5th Annual Maryland Green Registry Membership and Awards Event will be held in partnership with Bethesda Green at the Courtyard Marriott Chevy Chase, 5-8 p.m. on June 11, 2014.



GoalYes, 2014 is the year for World Cup Soccer, but we're talking about a different type of goal - the kind that saves you money and reduces environmental impacts. If you haven't set your green goals for 2014, it's not too late.  Rally your green team to prioritize your projects and then use a tool like this to track your goals and ensure that what gets planned, gets done.


In the spirit of annual goal setting, the Maryland Green Registry has set a membership goal of 500 by 2015. Help us reach that goal by referring your neighbors, customers, clients and vendors.  If each one asks one, we'll reach our goal, but let us know how we can help you set and reach your goal by contacting green.registry@maryland.gov, 410-537-4119.

Maryland Green Registry Member Spotlight

Leonard Paper, a janitorial supply company located in Baltimore,

flipped the switch on its new solar array at a commisioning ceremony this fall that featured three Maryland Green Registry member companies. As a long-time, family-run company in Baltimore, they were committed to using Baltimore-based companies and chose members Cole Roofing and Pfister Energy for the project as well as domesically produced solar panels. At the October event, Leonard Paper also announced they were landfill free.  The 451 kW array has 1700 panels and will provide all energy needs for the company for at least 25 years. 

Five Tips for Improving Your Maryland Green Registry Profile

If there are 4 Cs to grading a diamond, then how about 5 Cs to make your Maryland Green Registry profile shine?


Keep it Current

Update your profile to show your organization's ongoing commitment to sustainability by including new goals, projects and results. See instructions for updating here.


Does your profile address your organization's most significant environmental impacts? Readers are interested to learn about all of your efforts, but will also look to see what's missing. Don't ignore your biggest impacts and opportunities.


Normalized measurements (e.g. energy used per unit of product) take into account changes in production, staff, facilities, etc. and show the reader that your organization is striving to set true markers of performance. Check with your trade association to see if there are industry standards for waste, water and energy use that you can use to benchmark your progress.


Avoid vague terms like "environmentally friendly" by providing details on the practices you have in place. Also consider the possible tradeoffs of your actions and choices (e.g. purchasing recyclable rather than reusable or durable products that minimize waste).


Enhance credibility for your organization's green marketing claims through third-party verification. Check out GreenSeal, B Lab, ISO 14001 and various trade association environmental standards.

See summary of the Federal Trade Commission Green Guides to environmental claims.

LEDs and CFLs: Calculate your savings

Say goodbye to the incandescent light bulb. January 1, 2014 marked the end of U.S. production and importation of incandescent bulbs. You may continue to see them in stores while supplies last, but then shelves will only be re-stocked with LED, CFL and halogen bulbs.  Many Maryland Green Registry members are already enjoying the cost savings of more efficient lighting, particularly when combined with rebates offered by the utility companies. If the energy efficient bulbs give you sticker shock, download this spreadsheet to see how the savings add up.


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