...on turning 65
So this is new for me ! Not only am I announcing a big upcoming birthday,
I'm also writing a personal (& public) journal entry!
& what is more - I plan to share more until this August
(when I turn the big 6 - 5 !)
The good, the bad, the frivolous!

FIRST UP ? "the frivolous":

I decided to go white ! Some of you have of course, already noticed this !
(thank goodness it is that lovely silver colour - just luck)
If you are considering this - here is my best tip :
Go buy yourself some fun hair bands!
My personal fav are the ones from Anthropology
(locally - they have some great ones at The Art of Home) .
Wearing a hairband at the break where your roots are white/grey - gets you through the rough few weeks/months as you are growing out your colour !
AND NOW - the not frivolous...

Those who know me well - understand that I am a deeply reflective person.
In fact I start each & every morning with prayer, meditation & journaling
(& coffee of course - always my coffee !)
The musings of my journal,
(ps - been doing this since I was 12 years old - and yes - I have all of the journals) are conjuring up all sorts of changes for me on the horizon - lots to tell you about over the next few weeks/months ! So stay tuned !

Mostly, I am pondering the future of my next life chapter - and some of this includes expanding my School of Flowers - bringing in Guest Teachers - & even taking the show on the road 
with a full week session you can attend in France !

I am so very honoured to have taught very talented students & even my staff over the years - many of whom, have gone on to open their own successful businesses & I love being available to mentor this fab group of entrepreneurs. My plan is to feature their businesses here on my personal blog. Also check out my website " Grads" (if you're an FTPS Grad 
and wish to be featured -  email me !)

Many of you have been asking me for years now - if you could ever come to France with me - and well - here is your chance !
I'm celebrating 65 at a Villa in Provence the first week of this April & there are a couple of spots left !
I've partnered up with my friends at Donaldson Travel & they can help you organize everything - there's even a fabulous plan put together for you to extend your stay should you be inclined.
We'll be gathering flowers & edibles at the market each day - teaching floral arts & table-scaping . We'll also be cooking together in a really cool kitchen. Day trips to some spectacular spots! Antiquing etc. - well you get the picture !
In the works is also a fall trip !
If you are interested in more info elaine@fromthepottingshed.com 

I've also decided that I no longer need to build an empire. Over these past few years, we have designed over 200 weddings annually. While I absolutely love being part of a couple's intimate wedding day - I simply can't do both - expand my school & deliver 200 weddings. 
I am scaling back on this. We do still have a few spots left for 2020 weddings & I can't wait to chat to each Bride, Groom & their families about their floral visions - it really does turn my crank to be part of this creative process.
For 2021 - I am rethinking how many and which weddings I will take on to be honest. So best give me a shout if you are interested 
before our calendar is full!

Now if I haven't lost you yet in this long, long entry - I hope you will give me a follow on my personal Instagram : To Anna with Love

and stand by for more news about my next scathingly brilliant life chapter !



ps - there is always a ps - one of my fav sayings over the years - having lived much of life in a fishbowl - " arm them with the truth
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