April 25th - May 3rd, 2018

           10 Iyar  17 Iyar


This Week:

Wednesday,  April 25th,
  12:15pm Feed the Hungry Cooks
 8:00pm Tenple Board mtg.

Thursday, April 26th,
 7:00pm Volunteer Choir Reh.
 8:00pm Finance mtg.
Friday, April 27th,
 7:00pm ONESY Shul in
  8:00pm Shabbat Service 
 9:00pm Sandwich making with ONESY

Saturday, April 28th,
 10:00am Bar Mitzvah of Andrew Schiller
 For commentary from the Reform Voices of Torah for this week's Torah portion click here.
Sunday, April 29th, 
  9:30am Religious School 
10:00am B'nai Mitzvah mtg 2019!
 1:00pm Film Series #3
             "WALK ON WATER"

Monday, April 30th,
 10:00am Zumba 

 T uesday, May 1st,
 4:30pm Religious School
 6:15pm 7th grade
 7:30pm Sisterhood's Coed Game Night!
Wednesday, May 2nd,
 12:15pm Feed the Hungry Cooks 
  3:15pm Tea & Torah with Rabbi Bellush
     Class starts at 3:30pm  

  A message  from the Rabbi
To be holy as God is holy -- that is what this week's Torah portion, the double portion of  Acharei Mot - Kedoshim, offers us. It presents the ritual and ethical laws that, if followed, will make the Jewish people a "holy" people. Biblical scholars use the term "The Holiness Code" to describe the section of Leviticus which begins in this week's Torah portion at chapter 17 and continues through the end of chapter 26. By no means a completely unified and ordered code, we often need to work hard to understand how these instructions, ostensibly directed to the ancient biblical Israelites,  have relevancy for us still today. Yet, the ethical commandments contained in the Holiness Code, such honoring our mother and father, not insulting the deaf, or placing a stumbling block before the blind and loving our neighbor as our self, these are readily understood and followed.

Admittedly the journey to holiness can be a difficult one, but some steps are easier than others. A famous Chinese proverb offers this advice: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This week, may we each find the steps we need to start, or keep us moving forward, on the journey to holiness.

Rabbi Bellush
Once again ONESY will be making sandwiches for the hungry after services this Friday night.  Hope you'll join them!
Last chance quickly approaching to apply for our Camp Grants and other merit scholdarships for our students. Click Here for applications that are
 due April 27th!
Spring Clothing Drive
Sunday, May 6th-   9:30-11:30 AM

We'll be in the Temple parking lot collecting clothing and household necessities for all ages.  The donations are delivered to nearby shelters for battered women and children and the homeless.

Kindly package in plastic bags or boxes and LABEL your contributions (men's, women's, etc.) to help make distribution easier.  Donations may include women's, men's, children's SEASONAL clothing, outerwear, shoes and toiletries.

Volunteers to help collect and make the deliveries (all local) are greatly needed.

This is a wonderful and most appreciated community service!  Thank you in advance for your support.

June Resnick (593-1230)  and   Sandi Simons (599-4837)

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