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I was once told that if you're in this business long enough you'll find gold.

So it happened  when we got together with Kuhn Rikon of Switzerland

This is an up-scale Swiss manufacturer of varied kitchen items who sell to

Home Shopping Network. Sur-La-Table, Bath, Bed and Beyond and other

high-end retailers.

We as wholesalers of close-out and liquidation merchandise now have an on going

access to their over-runs, cancellations etc at prices way below regular wholesale.

The first load consists of 7000 assorted pieces as shown by following pics.

Everything is packed in 6 or 12 pieces and there is no minimum.

We would also entertain any offer for the entire inventory.


These hi-grade items can be inspected at any time.  Call me at 

415-289-0140 for further information.

larry wachs


pull string chopper
pair of grinders
folding splat cover
pull string food chopper 
original wholesale: $30.00
cost: 11.80 pack: 6
2-pc grinder set for pepper,herbs
original wholesale: $28.00
cost: 12.80 pack: 12 sets
foldable silicon splatter guard
original wholesale:$20.00
cost: 5.40 pack: 12

cast fry pan

Ultra sharp for kitchen and garden
Cast iron fry pay 12"
Original wholesale: $50.00
Cost: 16.80 pack: 6
2-pc can opener and jar-opener
Original wholesale: $38.00
cost: 4.75 set
Heavy duty shears, 
Original wholesale: $20.00
cost: 4.80 pack 48

Stainless wine stopper, assorted colors in gift box. Safety lid lifter and can opener. leaves no sharp edges.
.great for soups.stews,stocks
Wine cork in gift box
original wholesale:  $3.50
cost: 1.50 pack: 72
Stainless safety can-opener
original wholesale: 
5-Qt Dutch oven
origianal wholesale $60.00
cost: $34.00 pack: 1

designed for a crowded cooktop. pour spouts & silicone handles. perfect for asparagus, soups and more. 12 cups
These are the first 11 items
available at close-out prices ready to ship for  the holiday season.

we accept Pay Pal/credit cards and company checks.
Shipments in 3 to 5 days  by
UPS, pallet loads or full

all items fully guaranteed by 

4th burner pot with steamer 12-cup
original wholesale: $40.00
cost: 12.80  pack: 6

Watermelon knife in sheath
original wholesale: $60.00
cost: 17.80 pack: 12

Salon Capes original retail: $25.00 Cost: $5.40 packed 30 per case

 We have 600 Jack Daniels messenger Bags in our Florida warehouse.
Size is 11" x 16" with a sturdy strap. Excellent for laptops. black vinyl  with a 3" Jack Daniels No. 7 embossed logo on front. Item was made to sell for $40.00 and is packed 20 per case.
Cost for each is 4.80 

This is a 10-pc Travel Set packed in  vinyl case that was made for American Airlines.
Contains eye blinders, socks, comb, toothbrush and Colgate tooth paste, lip balm
towelette, ear-plugs, tissues and a ball point pen.
A great fund-raiser item. and for travelers.
Cost: $1.50 (packed 80)

If you're looking for a  great up-scale buy we have the following available: 
Ladies shoes by Oliver made in Italy. 
Original retail: $149.00
Quantity available: 119 pair assorted Green, Red and Black.
packed 24 per case in assorted sizes
Cost: $12.80 a pair.

Generic Swiss army knives are still available
Quantity available: 960
pack: 24
cost: $1.95