Booksmith booksellers - a week into the new year, a couple of weeks after the holiday marathon - are undergoing the process of freeing ourselves from that particular December state of hyper-awareness which allowed us to simultaneously search for a good book for a twelve-year old who's into architecture and horses, juggle two phone calls (one line is asking if we carry those snarky birds refrigerator magnets, the other needs tickets for an event in late January), bring a fresh armful of paper bags to the front register, and notice that the Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Aziz Ansari books are running low on the table, gotta get more of those when I head downstairs to giftwrap this book I found for your architecture/horse kid.

Decompression, folks. Therefore, another super-short newsletter this week.
In a nutshell, holiday gifts and wrap are all half off right now, our events series is fully swingin' again, brand new titles are coming in at a trickle,
and I'll do my best to get you caught up next week.
Thanks, as always, for reading,

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Dana Brigham, Co-owner and Store Manager

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