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Upcoming Events

cookingCooking Classes! Please take a look at the upcoming seasonal classes. I like to keep classes to 8 - 10 people so sign up early if you are interested in coming. To reserve your space email me at I will send you a link to pay for the class, or you can send a check. Cooking classes are always vegetarian with vegan options. All classes are suitable for all Doshas. Ages 12 and up are welcome!

Saturday, March 17, 1 p, - 3 pm. Transitioning into Kapha Time (Spring) 
In Ayurveda we see the spring as a heavy season when we the rains are abundant, everything begins to sprout and grow and it begins to slowly warm up. As all this occurs in the elements, in order to feel more balanced and aligned with the season it's best to lighten up and dry out the diet a bit. Come learn some recipes for Kapha Season, as well as tips and tools to help you feel more in harmony with Spring. Cost: $55. Materials and recipes will be provided. ONLY 3 SPACES LEFT

Sunday, June 3, 1 pm - 3:30 pm Summer Season Cooking! Pitta-reducing
You may notice that you don't feel as hungry in summer as you do in winter. That is a sign that our agni (digestive juices) are low. So during this time of year we especially want to learn how to eat food that is easy to digest, cooling to the system, yet energizing and nourishing. It's tricky, as raw foods and ayurveda generally don't mix. Come learn how to eat for optimal health in summer time. We'll include some juices, summer soups and new ways to eat summer fruits. Cost: $55. Materials and recipes will be provided. 

Thursday, September 6, 6:30 - 9 pm Ease into Fall, as Vata sets in.
In Ayurveda, seasons are the time of transition and the change from summer to fall can be especially challenging. Fall and early winter are Vata season (air and space) which means the elements are volatile - cold one day, warm the next, windy than humid, wet than dry. How do we stay sane with all the change? Simplify the diet, eat warm foods that easily nourish the mind and body, and prepare as much as you can in advance. I will teach you several Vata-reducing recipes as well as many Ayurvedic suggestions for staying grounded and focused. Cost: $55. Materials and recipes will be provided. 

Saturday, November 3, 1 pm - 3:30 pm Settling in for Short Days Winter (Vata/Kapha)
Winter, with shorter days and longer nights, can offer a variety of positive attributes (like getting to sleep earlier!) but many of us suffer a bit from the lack of daylight. Come learn some sunny and bright recipes to fill up your hungry belly. Agni - digestive power -  is high during cold weather, which is why we crave warm stews and soups and nourishing drinks. Come learn the healthy way to fill up! (it's not pizza and fried foods!). Cost: $55. Materials and recipes will be provided. 

Book Talks! Ayurveda Beginner's Guide

I will be coming to local bookstores, yoga studios and other venues over the next several months to talk about Ayurveda and my new book. At some events I will offer free mini-consultations and pulse readings if time permits. If you have already purchased a book online, I will be happy to sign it after signing those purchased at the event. 
Ayurveda Beginner's Guide will show you how to unlock the transformative powers of Ayurveda and move forward in your journey towards a healthier state of mind, body, and spirit.

Here are the different ways you can buy the book:
1) Indie Bound - local independent bookstores
2) Call your favorite local bookstore and ask them to order it for you. 
3) Amazon
4) Directly from me. You can email me at I'll send a paypal invoice
5) At one of my book signings! 

If you have not already joined my Facebook group, please do HERE so you can keep up-to-date on events. Thank you!

EVENTS: Please come by to say hello! I miss all my breathe books peeps. I'll be in Hampden and Belvedere Square this weekend. 

Saturday, February 24, 1 pm - 4 pm Yoga Tree Hampden, Book Signing and chat!  911 W 26th Street, Baltimore.

Sunday, February 25, 1 pm - 4 pm,  Love That ShopBook Signing and chat!  Belvedere Square, 519 E Belvedere Ave. Baltimore

Sunday, March 4, 1 pm,  Greedy Reads, Book talk and Signing.  1744 Aliceanna Street, Baltimore.

Saturday, March 10, Life In Balance Yoga,   Book talk and signing.  131 Broadway Hanover Pa 17331  

Sunday, March 11, Barnes & Noble Frederick. Book talk and signing.  5500 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick.

Friday - Sunday, April 6-826th International Conference "Ayurveda & Women's Health" 300 Gateway Drive, Bethlehem, PA

Friday, April 20 - Sunday April 22NAMA, National Ayurvedic Medical Conference, Plano, TX

Sunday, April 29, 1 pm - 3:30 pm East Meets West Yoga, Vienna. Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse workshop and book signing. $40 in advance; $50 at the door. Contact Dawn Curtis,  (703) 356-9642.  8227 Old Courthouse Rd, Ste 310
Vienna, Virginia. FaceBook East Meets West

more to come! 

If you are interested in having me come to your venue for a book talk, workshop or signing, please be in touch! 

Weekly Meditation Sessions
There is nothing like meditating with a group. And the Breathe Sangha is warm, inviting and encouraging - the support is unsurpassed. Feel free to join any time. No experience is needed. Meditation instruction is always given. 

The benefits of meditation are vast. A regular practice can help you increase focus and concentration, sleep better, feel more alert, create healthier relationships, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, stress and depression, and find a deeper sense of happiness and well-being.

Breathe Meditation Group: Every Tuesday, 6 pm - 7:15 pm:
Hampden/Woodberry/Baltimore City

Meditation Sits Wednesdays 5:45 pm - 6:15 pm a t The Soul Center at Beth El Congregation , 8101 Park Heights Ave. Pikesville. Various teachers lead the group. I will be there February 21, March 14, March 28, April 11, May 2, May 16 & May 30.  Click HERE for more. 

And did you know that I teach meditation in corporate offices, hospitals and schools? I also offer private sessions in my home or yours. Email me at 

see for all event listings and more
Ayurvedic Consultations, Vedic Counseling & Marma Therapy with Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Susan Weis-Bohlen

Ayurveda: The Oldest System of Medicine in the World, The Science of Life  

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Ayurveda is the 5000-year-old Indian Science of Health and Healing. Learn how to heal yourself through food, detoxifying daily routine, pranayama, meditation and yoga. In addition to life-style changes, Marma Therapy (ayurvedic acupressure) facilitates healing on physical as well as emotional level. 

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I'm happy to offer free 15-minute phone consultation at 410-979-2096. I'll help you choose the right Vedic journey for you. 

Susan has been practicing Ayurveda since 2008 and is a Certified  Counselor of Ayurveda through the Chopra Center in California. In 2015, Susan completed an Ayurvedic Clinical program in Pune, India, and studied Ayurvedic Pulse Reading and Marma Therapy with Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. In addition, Susan is certified in Ayurvedic Cooking from author and teacher Amadea Morningstar.  She began practicing Ayurveda in 2007 , lost over 60 pounds and lowered her cholesterol by 80 points and has never felt better! Her book, Ayurveda: A Beginner's Guide: Essential Ayurvedic Principles and Practices to Balance and Heal Naturally   is now available in bookstores and on-line everywhere. 
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