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March, 2011 Newsletter

I have put together a newsletter with all kinds of information for you.  Inside you will find my monthly column with Party Tips, a great new service for families, and tips for parenting.
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Great web site offers HUGE discount on a party at the Magic Party Place


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On March 23rd the ChildTime Magic Party Place will be featured on  CertifiKid is a web site similar to Groupon.  Every day they send out an email on specials that are only good if you buy them that day.  But, unlike Groupon, they ALL have to do with families and kids.  It's like Groupon for just families.   You just have to sign up with the web site to get these great deals everyday.  Every "deal" they have is at least 50% off the retail cost. 


On March 23rd, Certifikid will feature the Magic Party Place and offer a deal that will never be matched again, 50% off.  You will have the opportunity to get a party at $200 off!  Believe me, this is not a sales pitch when I tell you that this will never be offered again and I wanted you to know about it first.


CertifiKid was recently in the news and I have included the video of the morning news show. segment with Jamie Ratner segment with Jamie Ratner



Birthday Party Tip
I am continuing with my 12 Secrets to a Great Birthday Party.


#9 - Give Your Party A BIG Feel


One of the best ways to make sure your child's party is a big success is to hire professional entertainment. Remember, as a rule, professional entertainers perform dozens, and yes, maybe even hundreds of shows a year. What better way to assure success than to hire someone who actually performs frequently? You'll be amazed at what a BIG feel having a professional entertainer at your party will make. Here are a few suggestions of types of entertainers to hire: Magician (my favorite!), Clown, Juggler, Balloon Twister, Puppeteer, Face Painter and so forth.


Try to book your entertainer as far in advance as possible. 99% of all birthday parties will be on a weekend or in the evening.


TIP: Make sure the entertainer has a show that is age appropriate! One "children's" show does not always work across all ages. A show that is appropriate for 4-6 year old children will flop for 9-12 year olds. A professional, experienced performer should have different shows depending on the target age group for the birthday party.


Free Play Fridays at the Magic Party Place in Vienna


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Starting Feb. 18th, and continuing every Friday, the Magic Party Place in Vienna, VA is having a Free-Play day.  For only $10 per child you can bring your kids to the Magic Party Place for some physical activity on our moon bounces. 

Bring in your kids and let them play on our moon bounces for as long as they want during our hours on Friday. Bring your Play group or just come to relax and let your child get in some physical activity. Join other moms for conversation while your child plays in our indoor moon bounces. Allow them to meet new friends in our safe and clean environment. No need to call, just come right in!


Magic Party Place

312 Dominion Rd. NE

Vienna, VA 22180


P.S. Don't forget, it's a great place to have your next birthday party because it is the only place that Louis the Magician is performing at on the weekends.


Please feel free to email me anytime with questions about children's entertainment. 




Louis Meyer
ChildTime Magic  

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Prepare now for those 'tough talks' with your kids


Parents need to discuss lots of tough issues with their children: relationships, alcohol, sexuality, drugs, and other topics that may make you feel uncomfortable. The best way to prepare is to keep the lines of communication open and flourishing all the time.

Follow these guiding principles:


� Maintain an open environment. Let your children know that you're interested in what they're doing, that you care about what they're thinking, and that you're available to listen to them when they want to talk.


� Give them your undivided attention. If you're watching TV or doing the dishes when your child approaches you, drop everything to listen. Give the child one-on-one attention to show you value what he or she has to say.


� Be proactive. Don't wait for kids to bring up sensitive issues. Start the conversation for them when you think they're ready for information about the issues they're facing. Children need to hear from their parents first.


� Respect their intelligence. Don't condescend. They probably know more than you expect. Even if they don't, they'll want to be taken seriously, no matter how old they are.


� Keep the dialogue going. Talk often-especially about important topics. One-time explanations or lectures can become highly charged confrontations, or leave you with the mistaken impression that your children now have all the answers they need.


� Be honest. Avoid double-talk. Give straightforward, honest answers to their questions. Most children can spot evasions easily, and you'll lose credibility as a result.


Sign up for the CertifiKid link above and look in your email box on March 23rd for the opportunity to save $200. 


Offer Expires: 3-24-11