April 2016: Issue 44
Travel 2016
Travel and the Benefit of Benefits
Spring Break may have come and gone. Ski resorts have finished a busy and enjoyable run. But that doesn't mean an end to travel for your customers.

Summer is right around the corner and travel experts are predicting a busy 2016. For example, Travel and Leisure experts, Frommers, see incredible trends in the upcoming year from stable gas prices to discounts on airfare.

And have we mentioned Cuba? Once a favorite and exclusive destination for the rich and famous the country just 100 miles south of Florida was essentially closed to US tourists for more than 50 years. But recently, US and Cuba relationships changed opening the door for more travel from US citizens (we address the topic in a blog from cbsi's Ken Kraetzer HERE).

So how do card benefits and your cardholders fit into this conversation on Travel? Simple: with a wide range of travel related benefits and services, now is the time to enhance your customer relationships through awareness campaigns designed to have them thinking about your card first when making any travel purchase decisions.

Get ready for a busy travel season.

Bon Voyage!
Important CFPB, Regulatory Activities
cbsi's interaction with the regulatory issues, and specifically those presented by the CFPB, provides valuable information useful for strategic decisions by cbsi and its partners.

In July 2015, the CFPB began publishing monthly consumer complaint reports on a variety of topics. In fact, cbsi posts these public reports to its website each month ( HERE).

With the publication of the CFPB Consumer Response Annual Report, business and consumers can understand which topics resonate most with consumers specifically related to the Customer Experience generated with banking relationships. To read the Annual Report, click HERE.

cbsi also produces its own reports that summarize the CFPB publications. Designed to cull information relative to credit cards and consumer interaction with transaction account providers, the cbsi CFPB Reports provide an excellent summary. An archive of current and historical reports can be found HERE.

The CFPB in partnership with the Community Bank Advisory Council will host a joint meeting on April 21, 2016, to discuss the CFPB strategic outlook and elder financial abuse. To learn more, click HERE.

PaymentsSource Card Forum, Other Conferences
During the year, cbsi employees attend several local and national industry conferences and events. Here's what's happening ...

Ken Kraetzer has been busy with local events having recently attended the Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association speakers conference ( HERE).

Currently, cbsi's Peter Alter, is in attendance this week at the Payments Source Card Forum in Los Angeles. During his stay at the conference Peter will be sharing news, information and insights ( HERE).

Be sure to stay current with Ken, Peter and all of the cbsi Social Media events and conversations by following cbsi on Twitter at @cbsiservices.

Each month cbsi's Ken Kraetzer interviews various business thought leaders. Watch his latest ...
Are your customers getting ready to hit the road, air, or waterways this summer? Be sure it's your card they use. READ HERE
Given changes to US / Cuba relationships, travel to the island just 100 miles from Florida is expected to increase.