April 2017: Issue 56
FOMO: The Social Media Impact
At some point in our lives we've experienced this: we're wondering why we're not included in that meeting down the hall,  or perhaps we're curious about a phone conversation our significant other is having in the next room. Whatever the case, it's FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in full operation, pressing on our emotions.

So has Social Media helped? Not at all. In fact, research suggests that Social Media is profoundly increasing stress particularly among Millennials. Some of this stress may be self-inflicted but the situation is still real.

For marketers and the Financial Services industry specifically, Social Media represents an opportunity for connection: information, purchases, support, collaboration, resolution, etc.

Today's consumers want their bank relationships to be as available, present and engaged as their SnapChat, Instagram and Facebook friends. While most believe banks use Social Media ineffectively, they still demand that their Financial Institutions relate socially, online and via mobile. From our point of view, this is a positive opportunity.

So read more. Share more. Learn more. Be social

What We are Reading
We like to read and we hope you do as well. So to keep things "Twitter" simple and short, some good reading below:

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Social Media Conferences
Sometimes getting away from the office is a good thing. Occasionally, we hit the road, attend conferences and turn ideas into action. When it comes to Social Media, there's plenty of places to go and learn. Check these out:

cbsi's Ken Kraetzer and Jack Hojnar at SAM.AI
Early this month, cbsi's Ken Kraetzer and Jack Hojnar participated in the SAM.AI panel discussion where experts discussed trends affecting the Financial Services Industry. Divided into two panels, one group discussed the changing role of compliance and it's affect on FinTech. The other group shared ideas regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the Financial Services industry. cbsi's Jack Hojnar participated directly with the second panel.

To learn more about the host, SAM.AI, click HERE

Here are several videos from the event: