August 2016: Issue 48
School 2016
That Time of Year ...
Throughout the country, kids of all ages are dusting off the mental cobwebs and returning to school. And in some houses, mothers and fathers are appreciating the return to schedules, plans and early nights to bed (though they may not admit it).

Yet Back-to-School can also mean increasing Financial Literacy. It's never too early to teach future financial minds how to use their bank accounts, and even credit cards, intelligently.

In this issue, we focus on educating you and your student making sure that going Back-to-School includes some classes in Financial matters.

Here's to a great new school year!

For the College Students
Deciding a Major can be stressful. Trying to build credit can be just as daunting. For many college students, growing up creates scary, but manageable, moments. Here are tools every college student (and parent, too) should  use.

10 Ways Students can Build Good Credit

50 Smartphone Apps for College Students

Finances for College Students
For the Younger Kids
Creating financial literacy in young minds can be an important balance to the rigors of Reading, Writing and 'Rithmatic. The sites below provide some useful tools for parents and younger minds.

Money Savvy Generation

The Mint: Fun Financial Literacy

Teaching Kids about Money (for parents)

Introducing cbsi's SnapCoverage
As a leader in the transaction account benefits industry, cbsi has developed products such as Cell Phone Protection, Warranty Manager, Luggage Protection  and Trip Cancellation.

Now cbsi expands that experience into the digital world with SnapCoverage.

SnapCoverage offers you and your cardholders a fast, mobile way to interact with Benefit products found on their credit cards. It's a digital strategy designed to bring card benefits to the palm of cardholders' hands.

You can view our recent press release regarding SnapCoverage HERE. To talk with someone from cbsi to learn more, click HERE.

YouTube: cbsi Conversations
Each month, cbsi's Ken Kraetzer interviews thought leaders on topics specific to this eNewsletter. This month, Ken gets an education on the benefits of health insurance software from Andrew Flanagan from hCentive. Click HERE.

To watch other Ken Kraetzer interviews, visit the cbsi YouTube Page on our website: cbsi Conversations

Benefit Spotlight: Purchase Security
Whether you have a college student or a little one entering middle school, you are likely buying them
something for school: Laptop. Tablet. Calculator.  You name it.

But we all know how well kids take care of their new back to school gear! 

Isn't it comforting to know that your customers have a Benefit like Purchase Security?

The Purchase Security benefit gives your cardholders peace of mind, because eligible purchases may be protected in the event of theft or damage.

Of course, certain terms and conditions do apply.

To learn more about the ways in which cbsi can help you reach your business goals, contact us at

cbsi will be in attendance at the fall Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas. Considered to be the premier conference for the Financial Services industry, Money 20/20 covers every topic imaginable, including Compliance. cbsi's very own, Peter Alter will be there so please be sure to contact Peter if you plan to attend the event.

Only a month away, you can begin to follow everything related to Money 20/20 on their dedicated YouTube TV Channel: Money 20/20.TV  

Follow our employees attendance at conferences where they continually post updates and information directly to our Twitter account: @cbsiservices.

To learn more, click HERE.