December 2016: Issue 52

Now's the best time to take a deep breath and remember, as fondly as we can, the events that shaped us in 2016.

Seems as though only a short while ago we were watching the Olympics. Then suddenly the Cubs win the World Series. It's been that kind of year.

Wherever next year takes you, we wish you all the best in health and happiness.

Happy Holidays!

cbsi in the News ...
Making Holiday gift purchases? Are you and your customers familiar with Purchase Security, also known as Purchase Protection?

We're guessing your answer is "yes."

So is cbsi's Megan Delaney.

Megan was recently interviewed for an article specifically on the topic.

Read here: " Purchase Protection Survey 2016: Which Cards Offer Them."
We LOVE Our Customers (and they seem to like us too!)
Sharing good news is always a good thing. This time of year, that seems even more important. Recently, we received a great "Thank You" letter from a customer.

We thought sharing with you this feel-good story was perfect for the Holidays.

Enjoy HERE!

(The image will make more sense when you read the letter ...)

Last-Second Holiday Shopping Guide
If you're one of those shoppers that delays the inevitable, then this section is perfect for you. From silly to expensive, we provide you with some excellent last-second ideas.

Shop on!

1. Those with Money to Burn
2. Under $15
3. For People Who Drive You Crazy ...
4. Things Kids May Like
5. If You're the Do-It-Yourself Type 

FOOD ...
What would the Holidays be without food? Worse, what would the Holidays be without sweets?

So if your goal is to put on a few extra pounds this season (it's good enough for Santa, then it's fine by us), here are some recipes that may interest your sweet tooth.