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Consider this scenario: Your company's Market Research Team provided you with data that indicates your customers would really love to have a certain Benefit coverage. Your Marketing Communications Team then developed an informational campaign including direct mail and social media to inform your customers about the Benefit. Now, unfortunately for everyone, your customers have experienced a loss and they need to make a claim. But how? What information will they need?  


For your customers, ensuring a smooth and simple claim process can often be worth the energy and resources.


Are you certain that your call center is well-equipped to manage the claims process with care and concern for your customers?


Are you clear and transparent with the language in your product Terms and Conditions so as not to confuse or mislead your customers?


In his most recent blog, cbsi's Jack Hojnar provides advice to simplify the claim process for both you and your customers.




Typically, this section of the eNewsletter hosts a specific benefit that cbsi provides to its business partners. This month, we shift the focus from Benefits to Services.

Did you know that cbsi, in addition to providing benefits, also helps create the Strategic Planning necessary to reach new markets, the Business Model Processes associated with marketing those products, and the Quality Assurance Services necessary to meet regulatory requirements?


To learn more about the ways in which cbsi can help you reach your business goals, contact us at  info@cbsiservices.com.


Social Media has a profound affect on our business lives regardless of our personal affinity or usage.


As marketers, product developers and managers of Customer Service teams, every policy, interaction and customer exchange undergoes more scrutiny and exposure than ever before in large part because of the simple presence of Social Media.


We at cbsi have studied consumer attitudes and behaviors while utilizing our own Social Media analytic tools. Some of our findings suggest that the Financial Services industry is often harshly criticized.  Other information leads us to believe that customers are loyal, knowledgeable and committed to having a good relationship with their bank.


The ability to provide world-class Customer Experiences can help you avoid certain pitfalls. READ HERE how social media, combined with potentially poor Customer Experience Management, is negatively affecting popular travel site, Expedia.



Last month, the CFPB announced that it was adopting its controversial proposal to publicly disclose consumer complaint narratives in its consumer complaint database, and would give companies, within the company web portal, an opportunity to recommend which option, if any, from a "set list of structured company response options" it wanted to include as a public-facing response to a complaint.  The American Bankers Association recently sent a letter to the CFPB in which it offers feedback from its members on the CFPB's "structured response" approach and suggestions for changes to the consumer response portal and database.


More information CLICK HERE   

To visit the CFPB website, click HERE.
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This month, we would like to understand your Call Center operations and how you manage it for your Benefit Products and Services.


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