No. 30

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From feedback we have received via our last survey, we made some design and content modifications to the monthly cbsi Exchange eNewsletter. The look is now more similar to contemporary website design. While the content is more targeted to the business side of the Benefits Industry, we will still provide the Consumer Point of View with regard to Benefits.

Content will focus on regulatory topics such as CFPB oversight and, will appear more frequently as we've received increased requests for this type of information.

Finally, we will incorporate a monthly survey where you can provide feedback on topics facing our industry, which will help provide relevant, vital content for future eNewsletter issues.

Enjoy and Thank You.




Do you have the proper mix of Travel Benefits on your account offering for your customers?

As cbsi Vice President, Ken Kraetzer, demonstrates in his recent blog, you can attract transactions from your customers who travel this spring by providing benefits offered by cbsi. 


From Trip Cancellation Insurance to Travel and Emergency Assistance, cbsi has several Travel Benefits that, when combined together in a 'Travel Suite', can help increase transactions and drive card loyalty while providing exceptional value and peace of mind.   


Read more:  Travel Benefits Designed to Bring Peace of Mind for Your Customers, by Ken Kraetzer


Customer Engagement and Customer Experience. Two phrases gathering attention and momentum. But what do these interchangeable terms really mean?


As your customers prepare for their Spring Break travel, are you creating the proper internal company execution plan for communicating those Travel Benefits associated with your portfolios? Are you prepared to create a complete Customer Engagement and Customer Experience environment so your Call Center is enthused and knowledgeable about Benefits?


Know that cbsi has more than 50 years of experience evaluating, developing and implementing operational communication strategies for our clients with regard to the Benefits we offer. A well formulated plan creates a positive, lasting Customer Experience when a customer uses their account Benefits. Contact cbsi at info@cbsiservices.com today to learn how cbsi can help.

(A recent article from Forbes discusses the topic and provides an interesting Point of View: Corporate Culture can define the Customer Experience).


In a recent article in the Credit Union Journal, CFPB Director, Richard Cordray, discussed the future of the CFPB and the expansive role the organization intends to play in the financial service marketplace.

The CFPB is also trying to better define its role within the Credit Union marketplace and in particular investigations regarding indirect auto lenders and mortgages provided by smaller institutions.


To read the article, click HERE.

To visit the CFPB website, click HERE.
For this month, talk of travel and Travel Benefits is the theme. While we understand the value of Travel Benefits, we want to understand how you utilize and view these same Benefits.

Please take 5 minutes to complete our brief survey regarding Travel Benefits.  CLICK HERE.