No. 35

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With retailers busy promoting "Back to School" marketing messages, 2015 seems to be quickly moving from Summer to Fall.


Yet, at cbsi we can't stop thinking about Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the entire Holiday Shopping Season.




Like any good marketer, planning for the future is critical. Preparing inventory, creating marketing messages, and advising customer support for what will be a busy shopping season is work that ALL of us should be doing TODAY.


In this issue, we want you and your marketing teams to be ready for a busy Holiday Shopping season. Consider this: in 2014, online Holiday Season purchases exceeded $53 Billion, up 15% from the previous year. Nearly all of these purchases involved some form of credit card payment.


So what are you doing to encourage your customer to use YOUR card this Holiday Season? Are you promoting the Benefits associated with your card as a means to generate more usage? Do you have Card Benefits designed to help the shopping experience such as Warranty Manager and Price Protection?


Read on. Take our Survey. Let us know how we can help.


And Happy Holidays!




The Holiday Season is ideally suited for the obvious Retail Benefits, such as Warranty Manager and Purchase Security.


But during the Holidays season, several other Benefits make just as much sense.


Consider that Travel increases from November through the end of the year. By including marketing messages that reinforce the value of Travel Benefits, such as Lost Luggage or Trip Delay, you can remind your customers of the protection services they need most while traveling during the Holidays.


Regardless of whether your customers use Travel or Retail Benefits, cbsi programs are now fully supported by mobile claims management tools.

Filing a claim is as easy as opening the website, cardbenefitservices.com. The process is simple for your customers to use and they can track the status of their claim directly from their phone.

To learn more about the ways in which cbsi can help you build the best suite of Benefit Products for the Holidays and help you reach your business goals, contact us at
info@cbsiservices.com .

Three business units drive your Holiday Marketing success: Products, Marketing Communication and Customer Service.

Managing all three in a cohesive, integrated manner requires thoughtful planning and precise execution.

Did you know that cbsi - in addition to being a leader in Benefit Product development - has experts in Social Media, Call Center Operations and Marketing Strategy? For more that 40 years, cbsi has designed marketing plans and provided flawless execution yielding outstanding results in growth for our customers.

While it may seem months away, the Holiday Season will be here in no time. So engage cbsi to help you plan for your Holiday Marketing Campaign.

But don't simply take our word. More than ever, marketers, business development groups, call center operations and everyone associated with providing added value during the busy shopping season is starting to plan now. Read this article to understand a similar point of view. READ MORE HERE

Back in March of this year, eCommerce website CV3 suggested planning for the Holiday Shopping Season well before Summer arrived. READ MORE HERE.

Contact info@cbsiservices.com for get started today.

Nearly every issue of the cbsi eNewsletter contains information pertaining to the CFPB and how it may possibly affect you and your business.


Similarly, we create a Quarterly CFPB Summary that highlights important findings from our CFPB research (FOUND HERE). 


It seems as though the CFPB has taken a liking to our efforts and created their own CFPB Monthly Summary. Perhaps imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Or perhaps the CFPB decided a Summary Report was a good idea all on their own.


Regardless, you can now read a macro-summary of CFPB information as well as a detailed, card services Summary from cbsi all in one place: cbsi and CFPB Summary.

To visit the CFPB website, click HERE. 


Are you prepared to increase usage on your cards this Holiday Shopping Season? Are your call centers ready to handle additional questions? Does your Social Media Team have it's plan in place?  


This month, we would like to understand your Holiday Season Marketing Planning process.


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