No. 31

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For some, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. For others this month is simply referred to as "Madness" with the excitement of the NCAA Basketball tournament.


So whether your customers intend to extend winter a bit longer by hitting the slopes, or they plan to jump on a plane to watch their Alma Mater fight for the National Championship, be sure to support their travel plans with Benefits that work.


Just as with our February eNewsletter, we continue to focus on Travel and Travel Products for Transaction Accounts. For example, did you know that more than 80% of companies only use Disclosures when communicating Travel Benefits to customers?


Our February Travel Survey (RESULTS) showed us that an overwhelming majority of companies like yours do very little marketing of Travel Benefits. The use of contemporary tools such as Social Media are nearly non-existent: less than 7% of Banks, Credit Unions and other Financial Institutions engage in Social Media as a form of communicating and managing Travel Benefits for customers.


Yet, Social Media is an ever-increasing mechanism for travelers whether searching for bargains, reviewing destinations or resolving conflicts. Take a look at this InfoGraphic


This month, we dedicate time explaining how Social Media can help you and your customers utilize your Travel Benefits best.


Enjoy and Thank You.





Often, we can associate Travel with larger events: airplanes, hotels, extended trips. Likewise, many Travel Products you offer to your customers - such as Lost Luggage Protection - support these larger events.


However, many of your Transaction Account holders use their car to travel, especially as the warmer months near.


That's why we recommend expanding your portfolio of Travel Benefits to include Automotive Programs designed for financial, membership-oriented and employee associations.


Products and services such as Roadside Assistance, Tire Replacement and Insurance and Hotel Theft Protection can be excellent Travel Benefits to market to your customers this Spring and Summer.


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Social Media, in all its forms, can be one of the best ways to communicate and interact with your customers. But more important is understanding how to integrate social media into your marketing efforts.


cbsi's Jack Hojnar presents real-life experiences as he demonstrates the rising growth of Social Media for Financial Institutions and specifically, Travel Benefits.




The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) early last week released its latest supervision report highlighting legal violations uncovered by the Bureau's examiners. In essence, more than 92,000 customers received $19.4 million in remediation.


More information regarding the report, which covers the time per period from July 2014 to December 2014, click HERE.


To visit the CFPB website, click HERE.

regulatory SURVEY

This month, we would like to understand how you market Benefits to your Transaction Account Holders. Do you actively promote different Benefits relative to Seasonal affects? Or do you market Benefits only in your branches.


Please take 5 minutes to complete our brief survey regarding Benefits Marketing CLICK HERE.