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The arrival of Memorial Day typically starts the beginning of summer. Graduations. Proms. Weddings. Picnics. Baseball games. Carnivals.

For many, the start of summer also means tackling Home Improvement projects that were better left to warmer days.

In this eNewslettter, we present different ways to promote Benefits as a means to help your customers with Home improvement projects. Benefit product such as Price Protection and Warranty Manager can be the perfect tools for your cardholders who are buying a new grill or purchasing a new lawn mower.

Whatever Home Improvement projects your customers take on this summer, remind them to use card Benefits to make their transactions smarter.

With so many resources at our fingertips, why do we always seem to buy something only to find it less expensive days later.

With Price Protection, those days can be behind you. Price Protection gives you the chance to compare the price of your purchased item against the marketplace and be reimbursed for the price difference if you find your purchased item advertised for less.

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A recently published, public report from Visa details how Americans spend their money.

And it's perfect information for you to use when promoting Benefits.

From their Tumblr post ( HERE), Visa notes that overall card spend is up slightly
(+0.1%). However, large increases in Hotel spend (+9.4%), Restaurant spend (+9.5%) and Electronics spend (+5.1%) means an even better time to mention Benefits as a compliment to the increased spend. Reminding your customers of Products and Services such as Warranty Manager and Trip Delay tie nicely.

You can also use this information from the blog post to have Benefits change some of the downward trends associated with spend. For example, Gas Station spend is down (-20.9%). By marketing such services as Roadside Assistance, you may increase the likelihood that customers will use their Visa card to pay for gas.

Take some time to read more about this Visa Consumer Spend Report and contact cbsi for help in determining which Benefits are best suited to drive card activity with your customers.

Visa Tumblr Post: HERE

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CFPB Takes Action Against PayPal for Illegally Signing Up Consumers for Unwanted Online Credit

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) filed a complaint and proposed consent order in federal court against PayPal, Inc. for illegally signing up consumers for its online credit product, PayPal Credit, formerly known as Bill Me Later.    

The CFPB alleges that many consumers who were attempting to enroll in a regular PayPal account, or make an online purchase, were signed up for a credit product without realizing it.  


To read more, CLICK HERE   

To visit the CFPB website, click HERE.


This month cbsi Vice President, Ken Kraetzer, attended the 2015 Cartes Secure Connections Conference in Washington D.C., where topics ranged from card data security to the growing utilization of mobile wallets and wearable payment devices.


In his recent blog, Ken Provides more insight into the event noting some key information worth reading.


To learn more, click HERE.