No. 38

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We all love our phones.

In fact, a Pew Research Report indicates that more than 90% of Americans own a mobile phone of some variation and of that group, 60% use their phones to access the internet.

It's no wonder that eMarketer reports that mCommerce (Mobile Commerce) will rise a full 32% in 2015. A Google report anticipates nearly 50% of shopping this year will be completed from a mobile device - not tablet or desktop - but a phone.

In this issue, we provide some insight into this mobile shopping phenomenon. But more important, we provide you with some recommendations that should help you and your company be part of this movement.

From his most recent blog, Jack Hojnar explores the history of our handheld devices and offers strategic recommendations that should help your financial institution reach its customers during the busy mobile Holiday shopping season.

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Promoting your retail card benefits is a great way to ensure it's your card they use this holiday season. Benefits such as Warranty Manager, Purchase Security, Price Protection and Return Protection help protect all of your cardholder's holiday purchases including electronics such as cameras, laptops, cell phones and more. No matter if your customers use their covered accounts at brick- and-mortar businesses, shop online or use their Apple Pay account to pay for their purchases, they are covered.
cbsi can assist you with executing a concrete marketing plan for the upcoming holiday. Whether you plan on leveraging direct mail, email, social media or mobile applications, cbsi can help. Don't delay your marketing efforts.
cbsi benefits provide your customers with the protection and peace of mind they need when shopping. With a wide range of products and services, cbsi can help make your cardholder experiences valuable so that you can in-turn help create a positive and lasting relationship with your customers.  
To learn more about the ways in which cbsi can help you with Holiday Benefit Products and help you reach your business goals, contact us at info@cbsiservices.com .
Once again, the Holiday Shopping Season is fast approaching.
With the continued retailer expansion of Apple Pay , the rapid emergence of Google Pay and  mobile payments, retailer offers and new EMV Chip reader requirements, several variations of payment activity will increase significantly this Holiday Season.
Mobile will play a part in eCommerce growth this holiday season. eMarketer expects US retail mCommerce sales to rise 32.2% in full-year 2015-more than double the 14.2% increase forecast for retail eCommerce sales as a whole.
Moreover, retailers are getting into the payment mix as several are already promoting 0% financing for purchases that use a retailer-based card (not co-brand bank card) as incentive.
Advertising is also gaining momentum earlier in the Shopping Season. Pinterest, for example, recommends that Marketers and Advertisers begin to review current "Pinning Trends": 38 million people already Pinned holiday-related content.
Social Media giant Facebook is in fact adding two new e-commerce features , including a dedicated shopping section offering users a way to find products outside of their News Feed, creating a unique and separate shopping experience for its users.

If you need help preparing for the Holiday Shopping season, be sure to contact us at info@cbsiservices.com
PACE Conference, Washington, D.C.
cbsi Vice President, Ken Kraetzer, recently attended the PACE Professional Association for Customer Engagement Conference the first week of October in Washington DC.
The Conference focused on the July declaration by the Federal Communications Commission increasing responsibilities of those making commercial calls to cell phones:
  • Affirming requirements to have "Consent" to call mobile phone customers
  • Increasing scope of prohibited automated dialing equipment
  • Increased responsibilities to identify mobile phone numbers that have been reissued to those who have not given "Consent"
  • Increased responsibilities to accept revocation of "consent"
Moreover, a panel discussed the recent incident regarding a mobile banking offer including a Consent term to receive marketing offers deemed inappropriate by FCC.
During the event, Ken produced more than 11 videos including four with attorneys and several other compliance experts specializing in the field of call centers and the requirements of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and subsequent regulations. You can view these videos HERE.  
cbsi CFPB Quarterly Report
The most recent cbsi CFPB Quarterly Report Summary is now available. To review the document, click HERE.

CFPB Monthly Report
The most recent CFPB Monthly report is now available as well. To review the document, click HERE
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Last month we asked you and the Twitter Universe to participate in our Social Media Survey. The response was outstanding and the information incredibly valuable.

Not surprisingly, nearly ever survey participant - 91.3% - maintains a Social Media Account (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, etc.). And 35% of respondents use Social Media to engage companies on a variety of topics.

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