February 2016: Issue 42
Marketing 2016
Make Yourself a Better Benefits Marketer
One of the biggest challenges for marketers today is managing all of the media that affects your message to customers, employees and strategic partners. Whether you are building your brand or promoting your products and services, getting everyone to understand and receive your messages in the easiest and best way possible is certainly taxing.

This month, we offer solutions for many of your marketing communication needs. We recommend tools to consider when you need to spread the word. We provide advice for making the most of all of your marketing efforts.

We even give you some deep thinking topics to ponder.

Good Luck Marketing and Enjoy.

Reinvent Yourself and Improve
Sometimes, the best at their craft decide to change their approach and completely reinvent themselves, all to find a way to improve.

cbsi's, Jack Hojnar, recommends ways to reinvent yourself - and in turn your message - so that you and your company can improve your marketing, your business operations or your interaction with employees.

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Personal Disruption: Reinventing the Expected
cbsi's Ken Kraetzer had a chance to be part of football history when he attended Super Bowl 50.
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