January 2017: Issue 53
G et a Head Start
The New Year is upon us and several changes are in the air (Twitter told us there's a new president). If you're like most of us - beginning the new year with a positive outlook and sights set on personal growth - then you will enjoy this eNewsletter.

Plus, based upon your feedback, we've made slight modifications to our monthly publication making it a bit easier to navigate from your mobile device.

So here's a toast to you and the New Year!

Conferences: 2017 Schedule
Whether online or in person, conferences represent an excellent place to both learn and share information. Each year, cbsi scours the web and talks to industry pros regarding ' the places to be.' You may even run into one of us at these events or attend something we may host.

Money 20/20 (cbsi will be in attendance)

cbsi Conference Center
App Center: Organization and Planning
We all know that most people drop their New Year's Resolutions   within the first 60 days of the new year. But maybe that's because they didn't have the right resources.

To make sure you have all the necessary planning tools, here's a list of recommend apps that can help you keep on track with your goals for the year.

The 100 Best iPhone Apps of 2017

Recommended Reads: Links and Texts
Whether you enjoy a philosophical hardcover or quick insight delivered from online news sources, keeping track of your career development is often easily within reach. Below are items we think may be worth your time.

cbsi Authors
Beginning with this eNewsletter issue, you will learn from various cbsi employees via blogs, podcasts or YouTube videos. Our intention is to introduce you to several, expert resources within cbsi that will give you insights designed to make your interactions with us and your teams smarter. This month, check out the following: