January 2018: Issue 65
A New Beginning
By now most people are back into the normal patterns of our jobs and our families. Perhaps some are even keeping up with New Year's Resolutions. Perhaps others - like most people - have moved on from such pursuits.
At cbsi, we know that each year brings with it new opportunities along with the chance to reach even greater heights for our customers, and in particular, the readers of this publication.
During the next few months, we will update the eNewsletter. For starters, you'll notice how much easier it will be to access the eNewsletter and other important industry information.
For now, enjoy this month's issue where we provide you with helpful tools to prepare for a successful 2018 and beyond.
Happy New Year!
What We're Reading: Resources Planning 2018
While many people have the best of intentions, each year more New Year's Resolutions are abandoned rather quickly. You, however, might find the links below useful. They are intended to help keep you, your employees and your customers on the proper path toward business and self-improvement goals.
2018 Conferences
Finding every available conference is near impossible. We, however, do our best to find those conferences that may meet the needs of everyone in your organization. Getting out of the office can, at times, be an effective way to learn, meet other industry leaders and grow your business.

cbsi Product Spotlight: Ride Share Protection
Given it's the beginning of a new year, cbsi will soon be offering a new product that should be a perfect fit for any of your card holders. Called Ride Share Protection, this new benefit was created to support the explosive growth and use of Ride Share services such as Lyft© and Uber©.
Specifically, the Cardholder and their traveling companion(s) are automatically covered for eligible expenses while traveling within a Ride Share vehicle. To be eligible, a portion or the entire amount, of the Ride Share fare needs to be charged to a covered card. Benefits include Personal Property Coverage (e.g., leaving behind a cell phone), Accident Medical Expense and Ride Share Travel Accident Insurance.
As with all benefits, certain Terms and Conditions do apply.
To learn more, contact cbsi at info@cbsiservices.com

Ken Kraetzer: Talking Business
Each month, Ken Kraetzer interviews business and thought leaders from various industries and in this issue those events continue. CLICK HERE.
If you or someone you know would like to be interviewed by Ken and be part of the Talking Business Series, please email us at info@cbsiservices.com.

In the News: CFPB
Changes occur with any new Presidential administration and the CFPB is certainly not immune to any changes. Given the immediate connection between the CFPB and the card product benefit business, developments related to the CFPB are important for all of us.
Below are CFPB updates everyone should be familiar with and understand.