July 2016: Issue 47
Travel 2016
On the Road Again ...
Now that summer is in full swing, many of your bank customers are scheduling that last-second weekend getaway or trip to some resort to relax before the school season begins. For some, this time of year can also mean packing up the cargo van and driving Junior off to college.

No matter the reason, travelers and banks need one another. Credit cards are an essential part of any travel experience and utilizing a card to its fullest can be the difference between a memorable trip and one soon to forget.

Be sure your card account customers are fully aware of the Travel benefits associated with their cards. And if you don't have any Travel benefits on your cards, it's never too late to contact cbsi.

Safe Travels!
Top Travel Destinations for 2016
Where are your customers likely heading this year? Several publications make interesting and bold predictions about late-season Travel destinations. Be sure that you are prepared to manage any travel experiences your customers may have, whether local or overseas.

Top 10 Destination to Watch in 2016

Best Places to Travel in 2016

12 of the World's Cheapest Holiday Destinations
News You Can Use
So what's happening in the world of Travel? Want something to share with your customers? Pass along these worthwhile articles:

Suddenly Considering Travel Insurance? You're not alone.

Travel Tips 2016

Travel Smart and Stay Healthy

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