July 2017: Issue 59
A Modern Age of Marketing
Years ago, marketing professionals attempted to reach customers with tools like direct mail, billboard advertising and mass-market commercials. Perhaps some even remember reader service card and product registration pushes that were used to obtain a level of direct-to-consumer engagement.

Marketing Industry Icons, Don Peppers and Martha Rodgers, seemed revolutionary and unique with their One-to-One Marketing approach. Another industry leader, Seth Godin, taught marketers the necessity of asking for customer permission to gain better marketing results and meaningful customer interactions. Though these tried and true concepts are decades old, they can still be applied to today's marketing environment.

The world in which today's marketers operate can be difficult to manage while simultaneously being rich with more useful data than known by previous generations.

In this latest issue of the cbsi eNewsletter we will provide you, the marketer, with insights into today's marketing environment.

You'll find links to robust articles with advice for today's marketers, trends in social media and marketing in the banking industry, and how Artificial Intelligence is impacting the Financial Services Industry.


The New Marketer ...
The Twitter-verse has taught us to be efficient with words. To that end, check out some great articles regarding marketing in the 21st century.
Bank Marketing in 2017
Many marketing tenets are tried and true regardless of industry. However, when marketing to a specific industry, it's important to understand the nuances associated with marketing to that specific industry. To this end, Marketers in the banking industry must consider strategies and tactics unique to their day-to-day experiences. Consider the advice in the following articles:

Artificial Intelligence
The future is now. More Artificial Intelligence (AI) activity occurs daily than most people can recognize. The Financial Services Industry, ripe with vast amounts of data, is already beginning to use AI to enhance existing relationships with customers.

However, AI adoption is not altogether easy. Legacy systems and regulatory requirements can slow progress. Still, while AI has been a part of the Financial Services Community for decades, machine learning capabilities are gaining momentum.

Below are some articles to consider:

cbsi Partner Spotlight
For more than 12 years, cbsi and its technology partner, CrossComm, have created websites, mobile applications and other systems-driven technology tools that have had positive impacts not only for cbsi but their customers and business partners as well.

As part of its Partner Spotlight series, cbsi introduces CrossComm, an award winning, software development firm with locations in Austin, TX and Durham, NC.

In a recent interview, cbsi's Ken Kraetzer spoke with CrossComm founder, Don Shin while the two were in Manhattan.

Watch the YouTube interview here: CrossComm and cbsi
cbsi and Money 20/20
cbsi will be in attendance at this year's Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas, October 22-25. Todd Conte and Jack Hojnar will both be on hand and available to meet with you should you or any of your colleagues be making the trip.

To learn more, reach us at info@cbsiservices.com