June 2017: Issue 58
Give the Lady What She Wants ...
Entrepreneur and retailer, Marshall Field famously said, "Right or wrong, the customers is always right."

Seems as though today, such thoughts aren't necessarily shared by those that provide goods and services. In some instances, columnists and other "experts" believe such thinking is harmful.

Believing the customer is always right can be an even greater challenge for a financial institution. Instances exists where customers looking to dispute a transaction can't because stated terms and conditions don't fit. This may not make a customer happy ... but rules are rules, right?

Customer complaints can be bad for business, employee morale and brand development. Wherever your organizations sits on this precarious fence, taking care of the customer should be of tantamount importance.

Read on to make sure you've got the best approach in mind for your customers.

And be sure to enjoy the Fourth of July Holiday!

What We are Reading
For some, creating a top-notch customer service environment is easy. For others, not-so-much. Remember, it's always good to have some perspective and continue to grow. The articles below are excellent resources to help you and your organization create a world-class customer service organization.

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Test Your Customer Service Knowledge
School's out and the lazy days of summer are upon us, but learning should always be an important aspect of your career. To make sure you are on top of your game, below are a few quizzes that test your customer service knowledge:

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cbsi YouTube: Facebook Services
Utilizing Facebook can certainly represent an excellent opportunity to build a brand and establish a strong connection with customers. cbsi's Ken Kraetzer recently attended the #BoostYourBusiness event in New Jersey where he spoke with Facebook expert, Janelle Mungo.

Watch video HERE.
cbsi and Money 20/20
This year, cbsi employees will be in attendance at the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas, October 22-25. Todd Conte and Jack Hojnar will all be on hand and available to meet with you should you or any of your work mates be making the trip.

To learn more, reach us at info@cbsiservices.com