March 2018: Issue 67
Faster than the Speed of Light ...
Think of speed and several characters come to mind: Usain Bolt. The Flash. Superman (he IS faster than a speeding bullet, right?).

Yet, none of those characters listed above can stand next to the speed at which technology moves our world along. Seemingly, every day a new business, process, mobile app or microprocessor can do more in one second than we can process in a day.

Technology is not the only element of change that is moving at light-year speed. Consumer adoption of commercialized technology is also growing just as fast. The ability to share ideas and communicate worldwide in an instant, pushes growth like never seen before.

In this issue we will address technology issues, as much as we can in a single eNewsletter, that may be coming your way sooner than you know. As an example, Blockchain is here and rolling right along.

For now, fear not the speed of change. You can handle it.

What We're Reading
It seems as though as soon as we read something new about technology, it changes before we finish the article. Some of the information below should help you know what's happening now and in the future of Technology and Financial Services.
Blockchain Information
We have been fortunate to attend several conferences each year and each year the topic of Blockchain grows. Not that long ago, Blockchain was one of the topics at the very bottom of a Conference agenda.

We will never proclaim ourselves experts in the field. We are, however, gaining an understanding of its utility for our industry. Below you'll find articles that should help you gain a better understand the role of Blockchain within the Financial Services Industry.

Blockchain Explained in Plain English

Bank-Based Blockchain Projects are Going to Transform the Financial Services Industry

Conferences: Fintech, Insurtech

cbsi Product Spotlight: Ride Share Protection
Beginning next month, cbsi will launch a new travel benefit perfect for your cardholders. Ride Share Protection was custom-designed to provide incredible peace of mind and protection for those cardholders that use rideshare services such as Uber© and Lyft©.
The benefit to both you and your bank is simple: Your card becomes " Top of App" and makes it the default choice when your cardholders utilize a ride share provider.
To learn more about this benefit and to secure your spot prior to launch, please contact cbsi at

Ken Kraetzer: Talking Business
This month, Ken Kraetzer, attended the Innovation Edge Tour Conference in New York City. He interviewed several business leaders and the link below will direct you to some great conversations you may find informative.
Watch the interviews HERE.