May 2017: Issue 57
Long Arm of the Law
Perhaps John Cougar said it best: I fight authority, authority always wins. At least it feels this way when we meet with our legal and compliance departments.

We've all experienced meeting with these overseers, crossing our fingers that our marketing campaign or our new product request will pass the compliance test. Sometimes we win. Sometimes we don't. Either way, compliance and legal are necessary - and vital - components to any marketing, product development or strategic initiative.

This month, we tackle the Compliance and Legal world specifically. Entities like the CFPB and other regulatory bodies exist to keep bad things from happening to good people and good ideas.

Stay safe out there.

What We are Reading
When it comes to compliance, articles abound. We try to keep the list as simple and compact as possible, having sorted through much of the noise to bring you these important finds:

Compliance Conferences
Every month, we encourage you - and even our own staff - to step away from the office and meet those experts who can provide insight and wisdom. Conferences represent an excellent source of information. And whether you work directly in compliance or want to better understand the trends occurring in the compliance and legal industries, these events may be of interest:

ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference

Compliance Conference 2017

Fall 2017 Compliance Conference

The RegTech and Compliance Conference
Continuing Education: Compliance
For Compliance Professionals of every distinction - Rookie to Pro - remaining informed and up-to-date with all current regulatory specification is critical. Below are links to Continuing Ed ops all Compliance employees should consider.

PCI Awareness Training

Credit Card Compliance Course

Compliance Education Materials
cbsi STARS Program
cbsi is far more than card benefits and insurance products. Within the company resides dedicated employees who who truly represent the heartbeat that helps cbsi Get Things Done.

And that's what we share with you today.

We are proud to announce Susan Burrows as the cbsiSTARs MVP for 2016. Susan was recently awarded this honor in our company quarterly meeting for demonstrating a strong commitment to cbsi's core values by boosting productivity and going above and beyond the normal call of duty.

To learn more of our program and Susan's story, click HERE.

Talking Business with cbsi's Ken Kraetzer
Nearly every week, cbsi's Ken Kraetzer meets with leaders from across multiple industries. If you have not had the chance to watch any of these YouTube interviews, now would be the opportunity to devote any available free time toward this channel.

Specifically, consider Ken's most recent interview with Tom Flood discusses card marketing and building stronger customer relationships.

Watch HERE.