November 2016: Issue 51
Shop Time
When Black Friday Comes ...
Certainly when Grammy winning,  alt-rock band Steely Dan wrote the song, "When Black Friday Comes," it's likely they never anticipated that their popular hit would be forever linked to modern Holiday Shopping. But despite the meaning behind the lyrics, when Black Friday DOES come will your customers be ready? Will YOU be ready?

In this issue we load up on resources, tools, information and other mechanisms all designed to make you and your customers better prepared to Shop 'Til You Drop.

Have fun and safe shopping.
NEWS: Holiday Shopping Tips and Tricks
These are the types of stories to share with your customers. So copy and paste and include in your customer communications. Or you can always forward this cbsi eNewsletter to your BFFs. Either way, good stuff below.

1. Tips to Prevent Package Theft During Holiday Shopping
2. Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips for 2016
3. Keep Your Website Up and Running
4. It's a Gift: Holiday Shopping Tips for Seniors
5. NerdWallet's Best Credit Card Tips for November 2016

Apps for Holiday Shopping
We all love our mobile devices, our tablets and computers. For those of us comfortable enough to use apps for shopping, the experience can be rewarding.

Check out these established apps below and find one that works best for you and your customers.

Price Cruncher
The Coupons App
Santa's Bag

Product Spotlight: Holiday Shopping Products
price protection
Promoting your retail card benefits is a great way to ensure that your customers use your card while holiday shopping. Benefits such as Warranty Manager, Purchase Security, Price Protection and Return Protection help protect cardholder holiday purchases including electronics such as cameras, laptops, cell phones and more. No matter if your customers shop at brick-and-mortar businesses, shop online or use their Apple Pay account to pay for their purchases, they are covered.
To learn more about the ways in which cbsi can help you with Holiday Benefit Products and help you reach your business goals, contact us at .

cbsi Survey: Customer Service Tools
Periodically we ask readers like you help us better understand your needs and your customer's needs.

This month, we ask you to take 5 minutes to complete our recent survey. Specifically, we're interested in learning more about the ways you use Technology to engage and connect with your customers.

When you take a break during online shopping, take 5 minutes to complete this survey:  SURVEY

cbsi Ken Kraetzer, "&Then" and Retail
cbsi's Ken Kraetzer recently participated at the "&Then" Conference hosted by the DMA. During the event, Ken was able to provide several video updates from the conference (seen HERE). You can read a recap from his time at the event HERE.

Also, with retail getting in full Holiday mode, Ken had the chance to speak with retail expert, Ryan Craver. Ryan shared with Ken some interesting stats regarding the upcoming online shopping season. Read more HERE.

When Shopping,  Remember cbsi's SnapCoverage
SnapCoverage offers your eligible cardholders a fast, mobile way to interact with Benefit products found on their credit cards. It's a digital strategy designed to bring card benefits to the palm of cardholders' hands.

So whether you shop via your mobile device, online or in stores, be sure to have SnapCoverage ready when you need it most.

You can view our recent press release regarding SnapCoverage HERE. To talk with someone from cbsi to learn more, click HERE.