October 2016: Issue 50
Travel 2
Have Benefits, Will Travel!
Face it. Winter is on its way. The Holidays are fast approaching. Fruit cake is in someone's future.

But before you settle down and get your mind toward shopping, get ready for one of the busiest seasons of the year.

With Thanksgiving representing the time when most people are on the road, make sure that your customers are ready for anything related to travel. Benefits that include Travel and Emergency Assistance, Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver and Roadside Dispatch should be top of mind when your customers are thinking about making a card transaction.

In this issue, we provide some useful travel benefit information to share with your customers this Travel Season.

Now, hit the road. Safely, of course.
NEWS: Travel and Credit Cards
Want to share some ideas with your customers? Pass along these articles and become the Travel Guru you always wanted to be.

How To Travel Smart with Credit Cards travel-tips-banner.gif

Credit Card Travel Perks Make Them Good Vacation Partners

Know Before You Go: Travel Safety Tips for Your Thanksgiving Holiday
YouTube: cbsi Conversations
Earlier this month, cbsi's Ken Kraetzer, attended several conferences and in particular just returned from Los Angeles where he attended the DMA's " &Then" Conference.

Watch business leader interviews and synopses from Ken via his YouTube Channel HERE.

To watch other Ken Kraetzer interviews, visit the cbsi YouTube Page on our website: cbsi Conversations

Partner Spotlight: RetailBenefits.com
With Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping. According to the US Department of Commerce, more than $341 billion dollars was spent last year in online shopping? That means that e-commerce comprised more than 10% of all retail sales. More than 78% of those online shoppers use a credit card or debit card for the transaction.

So what can you do to help your customers with their online shopping experience?

cbsi in partnership with RetailBenefits.com is offering an innovative solution to help you and your members earn cash back for many online shopping purchases.  This customizable program will create brand exposure for your institution, increase customer loyalty and add to your bottom line.

To learn more about RetailBenefits.com and how they can benefit your customers, contact us at info@cbsiservices.com

Product Spotlight: Roadside Dispatch
Roadside Dispatch, which is available on many credit cards provides roadside assistance 24X7.  All network providers are certified and fees are pre-negotiated. This service provides peace of mind to your valued customers.

To learn more about the Roadside Dispatch program or other travel programs and how they can benefit your customers, contact us at info@cbsiservices.com

MONEY 20/20
cbsi's Peter Alter and Todd Conte were in attendance at the fall Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas. Considered to be the premier conference for the Financial Services industry, Money 20/20 covers every topic imaginable, including Compliance. Throughout the conference, cbsi has been using Twitter to share our experiences. Check it out here: @cbsiservices

Follow all cbsi-attended conferences with updates and information directly to our Twitter account: @cbsiservices.

To learn more, click HERE.

Travelling? Remember cbsi's SnapCoverage
SnapCoverage offers your eligible cardholders a fast, mobile way to interact with Benefit products found on their credit cards. It's a digital strategy designed to bring card benefits to the palm of cardholders' hands.

Had a fender-bender on the rental card you charged? File a claim via your mobile device in a "SNAP!"

You can view our recent press release regarding SnapCoverage HERE. To talk with someone from cbsi to learn more, click HERE.