September 2016: Issue 49
Social 2016
It Must be True 'Cuz I Read it on Twitter
More than 1.5 billion active users on Facebook spend - on average - more than 42 minutes each day on the Social Network giant. Twitter occupies on average 17 minutes per day for its user base. Even Pinterest lovers spend 21 minutes on the popular photo site. That's nearly as much time as Americans spend on eating for the entire day!

So what does this all mean? Are we a society obsessed with FOMO? Is our affection for connection creating a predilection for social dereliction?

Let's hope not.

Social Media, despite our potential compulsive / obsessive relationship is an amazing resource for business. And especially for the banking industry.

In this issue, we'll provide you with some ways to make Social Media a viable medium that builds stronger relationships with your customers and your industry.

Tweet On!
NEWS: Molding Social with Banking
From eNewsletters to Twitter posts to SnapChat feeds, Social Media is more than photo bombs and retweets of Kardashian escapades. For business, it's FO-REAL.

These articles below should generate some ideas for you and your company:

How Social Media is Shaping Financial Services

10 Ways to Use SnapChat for Business

3 Reasons to Bring Social Media Into the Contact Center

5 Tips from a Bank that Uses Social Media
YouTube: cbsi Conversations
If cbsi has an employee personally diving in to the Social Media landscape, it's Ken Kraetzer. For more than three years, Ken has utilized several Social Media channels and in particular has made a lasting, positive impression with his "Talking Business" Interview Series on YouTube.

Ken's success with YouTube and his Interview Series was in full power mode last week during his attendance of the PACE Conference in Washington, D.C.

The entire set of interviews can be see HERE and we strongly recommend you Subscribe to Ken's Talking Business Interview Series.

To watch other Ken Kraetzer interviews, visit the cbsi YouTube Page on our website: cbsi Conversations

Service Spotlight: Sysomos and cbsi
For several years, cbsi has partnered with Social Media Analytic expert, Sysomos, to understand and measure the impact of Card Benefits and Card Holder relationships experienced via Social Media.

The numbers couldn't be better. Card Benefits receive favorable marks greater than 90% on sentiment scales (the determining factor of how people react, positively or negative based upon written word dynamics in social media posts). Simply stated: cardholders like their benefits.

Do you know how your customers feel about you and your Card Benefit products? Do you have a way to measure their Social Media conversations related to you and your company? If not, give us a call today. We can help you better understand the impact your brand, your products and your CRM efforts have in the busy world of Social Media.

Contact us at

MONEY 20/20
cbsi's Peter Alter and Todd Conte will be in attendance at the fall Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas. Considered to be the premier conference for the Financial Services industry, Money 20/20 covers every topic imaginable, including Compliance. Be sure to contact Peter or Todd if you plan to attend the event.

DMA Conference
Ken Kraetzer will be at the DMA "&Then" Conference October 16-18 in Los Angeles. Be sure to follow his activity at the event via Twitter (@KenKraetzer) and via YouTube

Follow all cbsi-attended conferenc with updates and information directly to our Twitter account: @cbsiservices.

To learn more, click HERE.

Introducing cbsi's SnapCoverage
As a leader in the transaction account benefits industry, cbsi has developed products such as Cell Phone Protection, Warranty Manager, Luggage Protection  and Trip Cancellation.

Now cbsi expands that experience into the digital world with SnapCoverage.

SnapCoverage offers you and your cardholders a fast, mobile way to interact with Benefit products found on their credit cards. It's a digital strategy designed to bring card benefits to the palm of cardholders' hands.

You can view our recent press release regarding SnapCoverage HERE. To talk with someone from cbsi to learn more, click HERE.