ccNSO Newsletter | April 2019

The ccNSO has a new member
Welcome to .la!

The ccNSO warmly welcomes .la (Lao People's Democratic Republic) to its membership and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration.

The ccNSO now numbers 172 members , all of them country code Top Level Domain operators from around the world.
Kick-off ICANN65
The ICANN65 Policy Forum runs from 24 to 27 June 2019 in Marrakech, Morocco. This four-day meeting is focused on current policy development work, outreach, and daily opportunities to network with the community.

Find out more about the high-level
ccNSO schedule at ICANN65

The ccNSO starts with working group and committee meetings and Tech Day on Monday, 24 June. Since 2006, Tech Day has been part of ICANN Public Meetings. It provides a forum for both experienced people and newcomers to meet and to present and discuss technical and operational registry topics, security, and other DNS-related work.
Tuesday, 25 June and Wednesday, 26 June are dedicated to the ccNSO Members Meeting, when the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) community and other interested parties will discuss and receive updates on topics relevant to ccTLD managers. The ccNSO Members Meeting is open to all with an interest in ccTLD-related topics. The ccNSO council will meet on Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday, 27 June, the last day of ICANN65, further ccNSO working group and committee meetings will take place.
We seek sponsors for the ccNSO cocktail

The ccNSO seeks sponsors for the ccNSO organized ccTLD Outreach Event (ccNSO cocktail), tentatively scheduled for the evening of Tuesday, 25 June in Marrakech.
Should your registry or organization be interested in sponsoring this event, kindly email  Kim .
Call for presenters: upcoming ccTLD News Session

The ccNSO Meetings Programme Committee seeks presenters: the MPC invites you to share best practices, project solutions, implementations and case studies, covering for instance recent developments, ccTLD activities and ccTLD management related topics, both from an operational, marketing or legal point of view. Since ICANN65 is a policy forum, the MPC particularly welcomes policy-related contributions with relevance for ccTLDs.

E-mail Joke for further information.
Thank you for ICANN64
The Community Forum allowed for dynamic discussions and substantive work, thanks to the warm hospitality of the local hosts.


Read the ICANN64 Reports , including the ccNSO Members Meeting Session Summaries, and the pre- & post-meeting reports by ICANN's policy development support department.


The presentation slides used during the ccNSO sessions in Kobe are published on the ICANN64 public schedule (go to the individual sessions) and on the ccNSO website (go to "presentations").
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Should the ccNSO keep an online archive of the official pictures taken during ICANN public meetings?
ccNSO Members Meeting

On behalf of Meeting Programme Committee, many thanks to all those that provided feedback via the online ccNSO Members Meeting satisfaction survey ! " says Alejandra Reynoso (.gt), chair of the MPC. " Your input is valuable to us, and helps us shaping future ccNSO Member Meetings. "

The ccNSO Meetings Programme Committee is currently evaluating the feedback received, and will draft a response during its next meeting. Read more here , and consult the ICANN64 satisfaction survey results here .
Tech Day

At ICANN64, Tech Day focused on Universal Acceptance (UA), and matters related to Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). Other topics of interest included among others IPv6 deployment, disaster recovery registry security, and DNS over HTTPS.

NEW! Consult the ICANN64 post-meeting Tech Day report here .
The ccNSO Council elected a new leadership team
During its Council meeting on 13 March 2019, the ccNSO Council elected a new leadership team. Katrina Sataki (.lv) was re-elected as chair of the ccNSO Council. Byron Holland (.ca) was re-elected as Vice-Chair and Alejandra Reynoso (.gt) joined the leadership team as Vice-Chair to the ccNSO Council.

Also, three long-standing members of the community left the Council - Vice-Chair Debbie Monahan (.nz), Abibu Ntahigiye (.tz), councillor for the African region, and European region councillor Peter Vergote (.be). Their seats were taken by Jordan Carter (.nz), Adebiyi Oladipo (.ng) and Nick Wenban-Smith (.uk) respectively.
New to the ccNSO?
If you are interested to learn more about how the ccNSO works, check out the „ Quick Guide to the ccNSO “ or enroll in the ICANNLearn „Introductory course about the ccNSO“, where you can read more, practice what you learned through quizzes, and find additional links and resources.   Visit and look for “ccNSO onboarding”.
Newcomer testimonial

Meet Saysomvang Souannavong, a newcomer to the ccNSO in Kobe. Here is Saysomvang's impression:

"My name is Saysomvang Souannavong,
from the Lao National Internet Center (LANIC) , the Registry of ccTLD .LA. I attended ICANN64 in Kobe as a GAC representative from Lao PDR. This is the very first time for Lao PDR to attend an ICANN meeting since we became GAC member in October 2018.

Nevertheless, just a few weeks before ICANN64, LANIC had been preparing to apply for ccNSO membership. Therefore, I took the opportunity to attend some of the ccNSO sessions to observe, and had a chance to meet with ccNSO Chair Katrina Sataki and the ccNSO Secretariat through the help of our ICANN Asia Pacific Regional Office colleagues. The meeting with ccNSO staff and the newcomer session were very beneficial, particularly to help us understand more about ccNSO functions in ICANN and to speed up our ccNSO membership application."
Roadmap for the IDN ccTLD policy review
At ICANN64, the ccNSO Council adopted the roadmap to deal with the ccNSO IDN ccTLD overall recommended policy. The policy recommendations on the selection of IDN ccTLD strings should replace the Fast Track Process.

The next steps include, among others:

  • seeking agreement with the ICANN Board on closure of further evolution of the Fast Track Implementation Plan;
  • starting the review of the recommended overall IDN ccTLD policy on the selection of IDN ccTLD strings;
  • taking all necessary steps - including possibly changes to the ICANN bylaws or a policy development process - to allow IDN ccTLDs as members of the ccNSO. Membership in the ccNSO is currently open to all ccTLD managers responsible for managing an ISO 3166 country-code top-level domain.

Adoption of the ccNSO IDN ccTLD overall recommended policy was pending, first on implementation of the extended process similarity review panel ( EPSRP ), and later on introduction of the Risk Mitigation Panel. (Read more here .) Implementation of both panels has now been completed.

The ccNSO Secretariat will soon publish a call for volunteers for the IDN ccTLD Policy Review Working Party.