ccNSO Newsletter | February 2019

The ICANN64 community forum runs from 9 to 14 March 2019 in Kobe, Japan.
The high-level ccNSO schedule for ICANN64 is available here.

The ccNSO starts with working group and committee meetings on Saturday, 9 March. On Sunday, 10 March, the ccNSO Council will hold a workshop, immediately followed by a preparatory meeting to lay the groundwork for its formal meeting on Wednesday, 13 March. The ccNSO Council will elect the ccNSO chair and vice chairs at ICANN64. Other topics the ccNSO Council will discuss will be made available on the on the ccNSO Council workspace closer to the meeting.

Read more in the pre-ICANN64 Policy Report.
How to get organized? How to participate remotely?

The one-stop wiki page for all your Remote Participation queries is now available. This wiki page covers remote participation details for all ccNSO open and public meetings.

ICANN64 ccNSO Members Meeting

T uesday, 12 March and Wednesday, 13 March are dedicated to the ccNSO Members Meeting , when the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) community and other interested parties will discuss and receive updates on topics relevant to ccTLD managers. The ccNSO Members Meeting is open to all with an interest in ccTLD-related topics.

  • Consult the Agenda
Consult here the agenda of the ccNSO Members Meeting.

  • Which topics are covered?
Get prepared and learn more about the topics covered during the ICANN64 ccNSO Members Meeting via the Session Summaries.
New ccNSO appointed liaisons
to ALAC and GNSO
Following a call for volunteers, the ccNSO council recently appointed Maarten Simon (.nl) as ccNSO appointed liaison to the GNSO, and Segun Akano (.ng) as ccNSO appointed liaison to the ALAC. Congratulations to both, and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration!
Maarten Simon
ccNSO appointed liaison to GNSO
Segun Akano
ccNSO appointed liaison to ALAC
Working Group & Committee updates

The ccNSO Strategic and Operational Planning Standing Committee (SOPC), recently responded to a first consultation by ICANN org to evaluate the potential benefit of implementing a 2-year planning process. Read the SOPC comments  here .

Moreover, the SOPC submitted:

  • comments regarding ICANN’s Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2021 - 2025 Read more here.
  • comments to ICANN’s Draft updated FY20 Operating Plan and Budget and Five-Year Operating Plan. Read more here.

Learn more about the SOPC here.


Community volunteers under auspices of the TLD-OPS Standing Committee are currently drafting a playbook containing basic concepts for disaster recovery and business continuity specific to ccTLDs. During a collaborative session at ICANN63, TLD-OPS organized an in-depth discussion focused on the various aspects of disaster recovery. The input from ICANN63 forms the basis of the playbook. The drafting team is using google docs as a collaborative tool, and the team will meet as well on Sunday in Kobe. One of the challenges the team is facing is how to meet the needs of smaller ccTLDs.

Learn more about TLD-OPS   here .
Policy Development Process on the retirement of ccTLDs

The ccNSO Council has initiated the third ccNSO Policy Development Process, which deals with the retirement of country code Top-Level Domains (Part 1), as well as the review mechanisms for decisions relating to the delegation, transfer, revocation, and retirement of ccTLDs (Part 2). 
The group meets on Saturday, 9 March in Kobe (15:15-18:30 | room 403 KICC). During the policy session on day 1 of the ccNSO Members Meeting, the ccNSO Retirement Policy Development Process (PDP) Working Group will seek input and feedback from the ccTLD community on its results to date, in particular, on the basic duration of the retirement process and the process itself.

The working group’s charter, work plan, and other relevant documents are available on its website and workspace .