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Cha Spa, a chinese foot massage on Montana is so new you can't find them on google or anywhere yet, if you like to visit Happy Feet in the Valley you get the idea.  They just opened so now is the time to visit before it gets so crowded you have to wait for your full body massage or combo foot & body massage that will make you so relaxed you will forget it is the middle of the day on a Monday!  Prices are great too, 90 minutes for $60. 

Cha Spa
1130 Montana Ave., Santa Monica
open 10am - 10pm 
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Lately I have been hearing the quote 'you are only as happy as your most unhappy child' ALOT.  Going throught the ups & downs of teen/preteenage moods, dramas etc. I realize how very different all my 3 girls are and how what works for 1 fails miserably with the other.  I am often at a loss how to help them each and then there's my youngest who just seems to skate through life. I am glad I am not alone, I found this article written by Brooke Brooke for Modern Moms where she talks frankly about her kids, she says:  'It amazes me how children can give us our highest highs and lowest lows. I've been cyber silent because I'm in a tough situation with one of my daughters and I can't seem to find my way out. I'm usually so open to share my tough times. I change my views, address my challenges - case by case - and grow where I can. I always try to learn from each of my children, evolve as a parent and share my struggles so we can learn from one another... but this time I'm stuck. I will remain vague until I find my way out of the woods because I do not know how to make a positive out of this heartbreaking stage. This week has been all about loving unconditionally, even when my kid is crushing me, finding patience in my most frustrating moments and remaining selfless. Not easy!'  I have to agree!





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