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  May 10, 2021

update: chfa seller’s guide

CHFA is pleased to announce the publication of a revised and updated CHFA Seller’s Guide. This version is a comprehensive update of the guide and incorporates all CHFA program and process changes previously announced via CHFA eNews announcements, webinars, and program matrices.

The Participating Lenders Announcement outlines the following primary changes:
  • Signatures
  • Third-party Originators
  • CHFA Overlays
  • Lender Self-service
  • Expired Locks
  • CHFA Program Compliance Review
  • Purchase Reconciliations
  • Repurchase Liability Period
The Seller’s Guide is a crucial component of our efforts to ensure that doing business with CHFA is simple, efficient, and straightforward.

Please contact CHFA Home Finance with any questions regarding these changes.

CHFA Home Finance
303.297.7376 or 888.320.3688 Denver
970.241.2341 or 800.877.8450 Western Slope

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