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  July 27, 2021
What do conflict, stakeholders, and budgeting have in common? They are all topics on the chfareach calendar next month! This schedule is bursting with opportunity to explore the complex world of affordable housing. See links for more information below!

Navigating Conflict Across Differences, Online Workshop │ August 9, 12, and 16, 2021

Attend this interactive training to better recognize and interrupt the stereotypes and negative judgements that naturally arise when interacting across varying conflict styles. You will gain tools to more accurately interpret and respond, identify how various styles show up professionally and beyond, and develop strategies for de-escalating and leveraging conflict to build trust and increase productivity.

Click here for more information and to register.

Stakeholder Engagement Series: Laying the Groundwork for an Effective Strategy, Webinar │ August 10, 2021

How many housing projects have been delayed, embattled, or even shut down completely due to ineffective community engagement strategies? Arguably one of the most complex aspects of housing development, engaging stakeholders is critical to success.

Please join us for three sessions that will provide a project management framework incorporating lessons learned, tips, and solutions for successful stakeholder engagement. Bring your experiences, concerns, and questions for a lively discussion.

Click any link below for session details. Register for individual sessions or all three.

Demystifying the Numbers: Budgets and Financial Statements, Online Workshop │ August 11, 2021 (HPI)

Financial statements can be powerful tools, but only if you know how to use them. Have you ever wished you could thoroughly understand your property or portfolio's financial statements? Would you like to learn the underlying principles of good budgeting that will work for you, regardless of your property or organization? This class is for you! We will demystify what all those numbers in your financial statements and budget mean.

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Belinda Waldron
chfareach Coordinator
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