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  Septemer 10, 2021
History of Housing: Repairing the Effects of Redlining, Webinar│ September 21, 2021

This presentation will inform you about what redlining is, how it has defined our neighborhoods and service areas, and how your work repairs its harmful legacy. Additionally, you are bound by laws that now prohibit redlining. Are you working in a "redlined" neighborhood? Come to this training to find out!

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Harness Change for a New Look at Life, Online Workshop│ September 22, 2021

Are you opening up, or closing down? After the last two years, you might like to take a closer look at your purpose in life and your joy in living it. Join us for a fabulous look at how to put your life back together in a way that makes you a whole person and also makes you a living. Let's rebalance and put things on track!

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Prepare for Your Yearend Tax Credit Closeout, Webinar│ September 23, 2021

As the year comes to a close, deadlines and expectations for tax credit properties are upon you. Sign up for this class to have everything buttoned up at yearend. You’ll start your new year strong with no lingering items overflowing into 2022.

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