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7 Tenets
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Spotlight - DLS
AKA - double leg stretch. My favorite mat exercise.   I have highlighted this exercise before and it is worth repeating.  To me, it is the essence of Pilates - 2-way stretching, perfect breath pattern, and stability.  Here goes...
We begin in supine position with our legs bent w heels tight together and our arms along sides of thighs.
Inhale to prepare and exhale as we lift to an ab curl position.
Inhale, send arms long overhead & legs to 45 degrees.
Exhale as we bring our knees to our chest and arms circle around to outside of thighs, keeping our tailbone heavy to the mat.
Repetition- 6 times
*add a nickel between your heels to really ignite the inner thighs (adductors)
"Great Quote"



"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness, and for poise, walk with knowledge that you are never alone."
source: Audrey Hepburn
Gimme More...
Pilates can be applied to other "machines" at the gym so that you get MORE out of your workout...for example - eliptical machine.  Keep these "DO'S" in mind:

-powerhouse in & up
-entire foot on pedals
-focus on pulling up

More challenge?  Add hand weights!  YAHOO!!!
As you gaze at your phone....

cell phone 3


talk about hunching over - yikes...fix that by...


*lengthening your spine

*pull your abs in

*draw your ears away from you shoulders

*bring phone to eye level


ahhhh....much better!


7 spiritual tenets of happiness
see the big picture
create a peaceful ritual 
give yourself a tune-up
increase face time with friends
do good, feel fab-good one
surround yourself w nature
forgive & forget - good one
You may not control what happens in your life, but you can control your reactions to that stuff.......easy, right?
source:  Shape Magazine

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Alexandra Streliski (music)

You made it through the holidays and your body is aching... perfect fix .....massage!

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January 2020
 Allow me to  welcome you to January 2020.  Excuse the delay but I wanted January's Pilates Pointes to be viewed with fresh eyes ... after New Year's recovery, after holiday decorations are put away, after you've thought about your obligatory resolution...etc. 
 , do you remember last year's resolution?  Did you meet it?  Who cares.  Sit back a minute and think of 2019's accomplishments - could be work-related, health-related, or relationship-related...most likely you have more than one acomplishment for 2019...totally unexpected too.  So if you haven't figured out your resolution yet - not to worry.  I expect that one (or two) will magically appear by the end of 2020.  And if you really need a suggestion ... how about - stretching every night?! Or committing to 8 hours of sleep every night? Or just give yourself 5 extra minutes?
"You can't shoot a cannon from a canoe."
Love this one AGAIN & again... - in case you didn't catch it last time...

 - totally applies to strengthening your center or your CORE - so your core is strong like a ship - not a canoe.  Joseph Pilates believed that the body's every movement is generated first from the core. (Definition of core- any muscle that attaches to your spine,)  So when new students ask, "How many core exercises are there?" the answer is, "All of them". 

While crunches and sit ups develop the large outer muscles that give you the "six pack abs" look, Pilates also works the deeper abdominal muscles. These deep muscles, such as the Transversus Abdominus, are muscles that do not move the body, but rather allow us to stand upright and stabilize the pelvis and lower body.

And remember - your core is the FRONT, BACK & SIDES of your torso!
source:  Golf Digest Magazine
Get this....all worthy of an exclamation point!

Ounce for ounce, beer contains half the calories of wine
& liquor!


It takes five minutes to eat a baggie of jelly beans, but an hour of kickboxing to burn those beans off!


In just six weeks, you can form a new habit...or break an old one!


Shoveling snow burns about 400 calories an hour!


Holding on to clothes that are a tad too small will NOT motivate you, nor will holding on to bigger clothes.  Love the "does it spark joy?"  too small, too big, no joy -  Hello Goodwill!o

Pilates it whatever.  It's Lotte Berk!   
I love teaching barre & I love taking barre classes.  Perhaps it's the frustrated dancer in me or the pace of the workout...or the fact that it covers it all: your core, arms, legs & booty!  Bar Method, Pure  Barre, Barre3, Cardio Barre, Powerbarre, Physique 57 , Xtend, or Booty Barre  ...a rose by any other name would smell as sweet....but it's all Lotte Berk to me. 


Ms. Berk,  with the help of Martha Graham, is THE ONE that brought Pilates & Dance's Barre workout


She developed a series of exercises that were based on her experience with dancing. Similar to Pilates and yogalotteberk, the Lotte Berk method concentrates on targeting specific areas for strength and flexibility training. Working from the "core" provides an intensive workout and promotes the growth of muscle tissue, which burns calories at a faster rate than fatty tissue.

Lotte continued to teach her method of exercise well into her 80s. She had some famous people at her studio, like Joan Collins, Britt Ekland, Barbra Streisand, Siân Phillips, Edna O'Brien and Yasmin Le Bon.  Her daughter, Esther Fairfax, continues teaching her methods.

I must say though, I've tried them all....MY BARRE classes are the best...each class is different, challenging and FUN!  If you're at MY BARRE,  you may also experience Booty Barre (my certification)!  Go ahead, try a won't be sorry.  Let's wake up those small muscle groups...strengthening & lengthening all the way through.


To measure or to weigh...that is the question
We're all familiar with the scale.  But when was the last time you measured yourself?  Have you ever noticed your clothes fit you differently but the number on the scale has not budged?  It happens.  scale
"Muscle is much denser than fat, so it's quite possible for you to experience an increase in body weight at the same time as you lose inches from your frame. If you include strength training into your workout routine, this is a definite possibility. It's for this reason that tracking your weight-loss progress is better done by measuring inches rather than pounds." A pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle.  BUT (and it's a big but)...a pound of fat takes up much more space than a pound of muscle.
So grab paper & pen, and your tape measure.  Track yourself each month...very interesting!  Need a tape measure?  I've got one for YOU!  Just let me know....
Words of the Master....JHP
I am lucky enough to have footage of Joseph Pilates at work.  Amazing stuff.  I especially enjoy seeing how HE performed & taught his joemethod.  Two questions that were typically asked of him (& many trainers hear today) ...I LOVE his on:

"What is this exercise good for?"  His reply, "Your whole body."

"I'm not feeling it."  His reply, "Keep doing it."

Joseph Pilates created his first piece of equipment, the Universal Reformer, to help people perform the more challenging mat exercises.  He himself was a universal reformer...don't you agree?
Parting Words....

So , enjoy getting back to your routine with  a new focus....why not use the Pilates Principles - precision, control, concentration, flow, centering, & breath.   These can be applied to many areas of your life, including your Pilates/Barre practice.  Also - feel free to forward this on.  Share, share, share!
all my best,

Pilates makes EVERYTHING better!

Consider a private Pilates (or barre) session at your home or my studio.   It's a great way to perfect your form through individualized attention.  (Mat, Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair, or Pilates Barre)
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