Broadway Baptist Church in Ft. Worth, Texas, is one of the newest Alliance congregational partners. Learn about them and other new church partners below in Alliance News.
Alliance News

Alliance welcomes new church partners
The gifts and resources of the Alliance are expanding with the addition of six new congregational partners in recent months. And, the list keeps growing every day!
Joining the more than 140 churches already affiliated with the Alliance are:
Broadway Baptist Church (Ft. Worth, Texas)  
Church for the Highlands (Shreveport, La.)
Emmanuel Baptist Fellowship (Lexington, S.C.)
Forest Park Church ( Roanoke, Va.)
United Parish (Brookline, Mass.)

The Alliance is stronger and more diverse as a result of these new family members, and we encourage you to learn more about each one. You also can l earn about becoming an Alliance congregational partner on our website .

Members of Unity Fellowship Church Charlotte

Practicing Congregation

Churches change

by Tim Moore

Churches change about
every seven years.  
That's what a long-term pastor told me 30 years ago while I was in seminary. Rick was a visiting fellow on campus as part of his third sabbatical. For 21 years he had served his congregation and was using the sabbatical to prepare for another seven years. 
As we talked in a common room in the dorm, he
explained how he had pastored three different churches in the past two decades and was getting ready to pastor his fourth church - all from the same address. The conversations we had over the handful of weeks he was on campus were truly a part of my seminary education. My ministry serving as a long-term pastor mirrored Rick's experience. I served at least three churches in the nearly 20 years I served Sardis Baptist Church.
People die, move, have babies. The babies grow into children, then into teenagers. Others join the church by conviction, or to get away from an unhealthy congregation, or to raise their kids in church. 
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Justice & Advocacy

Iraq pilgrimage reflects interfaith commitment

The Alliance remains grateful for the witness of Bishop Malkhaz Songulashvili with the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia, an Active Hope ministry partner. 

He and his colleagues stay on the front lines of justice, advocacy and interfaith work in the Republic of Georgia and throughout the region, and recently he  participated in the Arbaeen Pilgrimage from Najaf to Karbala, Iraq.

The event, the world's largest annual pilgrimage, marks the end of the 40-day mourning  period following Ashura.  It is undertaken primarily by Shia Muslims, but Christians and others also take part.  Pursue these videos to learn more, and to see the bishop's involvement.

Advent Resources

Explore Alliance Connect for resources to use during this Advent season. Offerings include the  2018  Sacred Seasons  Advent packet from Seeds of Hope, an Alliance ministry partner.

MALT Regional Gathering

Alliance clergy in Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas (MALT) are coming together for a regional retreat Jan. 17-19, 2019. Held at University Baptist Church in Austin, the event will include resource sharing, fellowship and brainstorming. A nominal registration fee ($50) will help ensure an enriching time for all. Register now!

Attention Church Leaders!

The Alliance is offering OWL (Our Whole Lives) sexuality 
education training for church leaders Jan. 24-26, 2019 at 
Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C. The faith-based material from the United Church of Christ is designed to equip congregational leaders of youth and young adults. Contact Ken Meyers about limited scholarships available upon request.

CAIRN Clergy Retreat

Russell Siler Jones will again be the keynote presenter for the  Alliance's Clergy Affiliate Information & Resource Network (CAIRN) retreat. 
Register now for the gathering set for  Feb. 24-27, 2019 at  Roslyn Retreat Center,  
Richmond, Va.


Dec. 2 - Jason Smith will preach at Church at Ponce & Highland, Atlanta, Ga.

Dec. 3-6 - Alliance staff will hold its winter staff retreat, 
Decatur, Ga.

Dec. 16 - Paula Clayton Dempsey will attend the Sardis Baptist Church 30th Anniversary service, Charlotte, N.C. 

The Alliance of Baptists is a vibrant movement of people, faith communities and ministry partners who are deeply passionate about ecumenism, partnership in mission, relentless hospitality and social justice.

Leadership Team
Carole Collins, director of operations & finance
Paula Clayton Dempsey, director of partnership relations

Cathy McGaughey, operations specialist
Ken Meyers, faith formation specialist
Kristy Pullen, website specialist
Toya Richards, communications specialist
Jason Smith, congregational engagement specialist