Passing the Peace of Christ was a joyous occasion during opening worship at the Alliance JUSTSEX Conference currently taking place in Nashville, Tenn. Learn more below in Alliance News.

Alliance News

JUST SEX Conference underway in Nashville

by Toya Richards

Bill Stayton
The Spirit of a living, loving and life-affirming God
could be felt throughout the rooms welcoming the inaugural Alliance  JUSTSEX Conference 
that  kicked off Thursday, Oct. 18 in Nashville, Tenn.
Everything from specially written worship songs to the initial plenary talk focused on the ways in which a triune God embraces and loves the  wholeness  of human beings, especially in their sex and sexuality. It was all experienced by some 70 participants who gathered at the Scarritt Bennett Center to have an honest, faithful conversation designed to give Christians the tools, language and courage to talk openly about sexuality in homes and churches. 
"We are here to equip you," said Mike Castle, the conference committee chair and immediate past president of the Alliance board of directors.

Practicing Congregation

Lessons learned bring 'remarkable change'

by Christopher Jones
I remember elementary recess. Tag was an all-time favorite game. The boys and girls would chase each other, and after avoiding being tagged by the chaser the chased person would exclaim, "You missed me. You missed me. Now you got to kiss me." Such an innocent game was tag. Both sets of people, girls and boys, enjoyed it. They felt like there were mutual outcomes: enjoyment and stress relief. Although recess usually ended too soon, we nevertheless experienced re-energization.
Thirty years later I have learned a valuable lesson from this game: labor, whether in adulthood careers or childhood schoolwork, requires recess moments. God understands this as well, hence, the Sabbath. As a kid gym and recess were my times to "cut loose" and enjoy myself. As an adult, Sunday worship is such a moment. 

Around the Alliance

Conference to help attendees deepen resourcing for being awake human beings

by Amy N. Canosa

As I continue to watch the news and reflect on what's happening in our world, I find myself feeling angry, depressed and some days deeply despairing. I continue to feel anger that as a white woman I am tied to a whole lot of other white women who seem to see the world as radically different than I do. It has been difficult at times to know how to engage or respond to some of what I'm hearing, and it's been hard to know where to look for or enact hope.  
One thing that is helping to counter some of my general sense of angst is knowing that in a few short weeks I will gather together with colleagues and friends to engage in more reflective work around issues of white supremacy. On Friday, Nov. 9 and Saturday, Nov. 10 the Alliance of Baptists Community of Practice will gather together at First Baptist Church in Decatur, Ga. for a workshop entitled "Re-connection and Re-creation: Toward More Just Education and Ministries."  

Our Whole Lives Training

The Alliance is offering OWL (Our Whole Lives) sexuality 
education training for church leaders Jan. 24-26, 2019 at 
Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C. The faith-based material from the United Church of Christ is designed to equip congregational leaders of youth and young adults. Learn more and register

CAIRN Retreat 2019

Registration is open for the CAIRN Retreat 2019. The gathering, designed to attend to the rest an d renewal of clergy, will take place Feb. 24-27  at the 
Richmond, Va. Learn more and register now.

Global Baptist Peace Conference

Registration is now open for the 6th Global Baptist Peace Conference in Cali, Colombia from July 15-20, 2019. The conference theme, "Peace in Our Land: Toward a World without Violence," will provide an overarching guide for a week filled with workshops and activities; leaders devoted to the work of peacemaking; and challenging, age appropriate programming on a variety of ways to practice peace. All interested in peacemaking should attend!


Oct. 25-26 - Paula Clayton Dempsey will attend the 
Church World Service members meeting, Chicago, Ill.

Nov. 1-5 - Ken Meyers will attend the  Parliament of the World's Religions, Toronto, Canada

Nov. 4 - Paula Clayton Dempsey will visit Broadway Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas

Nov. 4 - Jason Smith will preach at Northminster Baptist Church, Monroe, La.

The Alliance of Baptists is a vibrant movement of people, faith communities and ministry partners who are deeply passionate about ecumenism, partnership in mission, relentless hospitality and social justice.

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