Aretha Flucker (far left) came away from the recent "Nevertheless She Preached" conference ignited in her call to ministry. Learn more below in  Voices .

It's time to preach! 

by Aretha Flucker
There is a profound risk in being who God has created us to be. There is a risk of faith. There is risk of trust. There are challenges that crop up in every area of our lives when we say yes to showing the world the full magnitude of who we are - beautifully unique beings created to do amazing things on this earth.  
The society in which we live is infused with situations, people, spaces and circumstances that seek to diminish who we are. Whether it is being ostracized from spaces that do not support our beliefs, being marginalized for presenting ourselves in the ways in which we see our true selves, being overlooked for positions and promotions simply because of our race or gender, or any of the myriads of situations that can create a calloused heart if we allow them, we must constantly contend with the nuances of simply existing. 
In the face of life's challenges and seemingly endless tears, anger, confusion and frustration, hope and positivity can easily be lost. However, one of the things that continues to give me encouragement is the support system I get from my brothers and sisters like those I connected with at the "Nevertheless She Preached" conference Sept. 23-25 in Waco, Texas.
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Around the Alliance

Join hurricane, tsunami recovery efforts 

Much devastation has been left in the Carolinas and other Eastern Seaboard states in the wake of Hurricane Florence, and in Indonesia following the earthquake and tsunami that recently wrecked havoc there. 

Recovery is now underway, and the Alliance calls on all who can to act now in an effort to help restore lives. There are scores of ways to assist, but here are a few the Alliance lifts up.
  • Church World Service, which is providing relief supplies and taking donations for Indonesia.
  • The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina, which is taking donations and listing a multitude of ways to respond.
  • The General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, which has a comprehensive website dedicated to disaster response.
  • First Baptist Church in Wilmington, N.C., which is coordinating receiving supplies through its collaborative non-profit partner the Harrelson Center

Alliance News

"Safe spaces" available at JUSTSEX. Click the video below to learn more, and register here!

MALT Regional Gathering!

Alliance of Baptists clergy in Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas (MALT) are coming together for a regional retreat Jan. 17-19, 2019. Held at University Baptist Church in Austin, the event will include resource sharing, fellowship and brainstorming. Clergy already connected to the Alliance or those wanting to are invited. To learn more,  email 

Our Whole Lives Training

The Alliance is offering OWL (Our Whole Lives) sexuality 
education training for church leaders Jan. 24-26, 2019 at 
Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C. The faith-based material from the United Church of Christ is designed to equip congregational leaders of youth and young adults. Learn more and register

CAIRN Retreat 2019

Registration is open for the CAIRN Retreat 2019. The gathering, designed to attend to the rest an d renewal of clergy, will take place Feb. 24-27 at the  Roslyn Retreat Center in  Richmond, Va. Learn more and register now.


Oct. 11 - Ken Meyers will host a faith formation webinar with  Jon Singletary on the topic of enneagrams .  

Oct. 16-17 - Toya Richards  will attend the "Calling in  the 
Key  of She" conference, 
Memphis, Tenn.

Oct. 18-20 - Carole Collins, Cathy McGaughey and Toya Richards will attend the 
JUSTSEX Conference, Nashville, Tenn.

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