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...Dr. Frank 

Coronavirus COVID19 Update!!! 

Addressing public health concerns around the Coronavirus Covid-19. We would like to take this opportunity as a practice to address the current concerns surrounding the Covid-19, build some understanding about the illness and hopefully quell some fears, so that we can continue life as (mostly) normal! 

 Firstly, the serious stuff. Understanding Contraction, Signs, Symptoms and Practising Safe Self Measures Travel: 14 days Self isolation from work and/or other large public spaces has been officially introduced in Australia for those recently travelling overseas. We ask that those whom have recently returned, practice caution, please phone or email to inform us. We will happily see you again in 2 weeks, when we can 100% ensure Practice safety.

 Close Contact: Living in the same household or shared space as someone with a case of Covid-19. Face-to-face contact (within a space of 2m) for more than 15 minutes with a case. Closed environment contact (hospital, classroom, etc) for more than 15 minutes with a case. Be aware of the signs: Symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to a range of other common illnesses. 

The following symptoms may present between 2 - 14 days after exposure: Fever, shortness of breathing, coughing. The following emergency warnings signs of Covid-19 require immediate medical attention: Difficulty breathing, persistent pain or chest pain, new confusion, bluish lips or face. 

 Practice Hygiene:  All common areas, tables and Chiropractic equipment are receiving additional hygiene measures throughout each and every day. Cleanliness has always been one of our highest priorities, as a primary healthcare practice, it is our responsibility to ensure the most hygienic space possible when providing service. This only improves further, with the implementation of additional disinfectant processes and cleanliness measures, confidently ensuring patient health and safety. 


When visiting the practice, please help yourself to the hand sanitizers provided upon entry. Remembering that in a public space, be aware of others and practice best personal hygiene measures (personal space and distance, coughing, sneezing etc.) at all times; water, tissues, wipes, hand soaps and again, plenty of hand sanitizer is available for your usage. 

 Knowledge is power, and the best way to reduce fear and confusion is through education. The more you understand what is happening, the better decisions you can make. Carry on life (mostly!) as per usual, adding a few extra safety precautions into your daily routine. Practice great personal hygiene, drink plenty of water, get lots of rest, reduce and manage stress. Maintain your personal and family health, get some exercise, get some fresh air, get your Structure, nerve and immune system regularly checked to optimise function, take a few extra supplements where you can, eat as healthy and natural as possible. Most importantly, be safe, be caring, be patient and understanding.  


We have gift certificates worth $100 each to be used towards a new patient exam for anyone who mentions that they were forwarded this email!!! 

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Chiropractic Equine and Animal Services

Our Equine and animal services Continue unabated and we look forward to seeing all our old and new clients next month. We are happy to announce that we are currently sponsoring a couple of fantastic show jumpers here on the Sunshine Coast and we wish them all the best during this competitive season . To book a session with your horse or dog or... yourself call us on 0477226878


Preferred Patient Program

Here we feature different businesses which have Aligned with us to give you fantastic deals on their products and services by simply using your Preferred Patient Card. 

Remember all our products are discounted to anyone in the Preferred Patient Program. Why not save save $15 on your very own Structural Pillow or get $10 off our Lumbar Rolls and our Well Adjusted Babies book. A great present for any expecting mum!

Preferred Patient card must be  presented in person; and is non-transferable; one card is issued  per patient to be used by that patient..

 horse and co           

 Watch This Space For More Special Offers From The Best In Your Community!

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For yourself or for Animal Chiropractic Book on 0477226878

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